Prem's reason

Why did Big Tu resign from the Prime Minister for 8 years, stubborn and unaffected?

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10 Aug. 2022 6:16 p.m.





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8 years in office as Prime Minister

considered an important crossroads

Because from the history, "General Prem Tinsulanonda" ended his political role after 8 years and 3 months, while "Gen. The difference between "Pa Prem" and "Big Tu" eras reflects the image of political power.

that the conclusions may be the same or different

Even though the "Pa Prem" and "Big Tu" eras were more than 40 years apart, the political game in the House of Representatives

similar in the opinion of

"Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamrongsak

Petchlert-anan, Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science

Rangsit University analyzed with "the news team to penetrate the issue

Thairath Online" that the similarities of these two eras are

Keeping military leaders in power as long as possible

through the constitution designed

to reduce the power of political parties in the House of Representatives

and increase the power of the Prime Minister

The 2017 constitution, the Big Tu era, was copied from the 1978 constitution.

If analyzing the content

The "Constitution of 1978" compares to the "Constitution of 2017" which gives the power of senators (senators) to appoint and maintain the stability of the government.

by Pa Prem's era

will have the power to meet with members of the House of Representatives (MPs) to jointly consider the budget

Most of the senators were soldiers, civil servants and government civilians.

But the Big Tu era

senator powers

can vote for the prime minister, so the two constitutions

Therefore, it is possible to maintain the power of the Prime Minister.

from the military system

“Pa Prem's era, there was a fighting effort of members of the House of Representatives.

One constituencies shall be elected in order to increase the power of political parties in the House of Representatives.

but was opposed by the senators

argued that

There will be no constitutional amendment.

even one section

In the Big Tu era

will see the dissolution of political parties

and disqualify politicians

to make it easier to control.”

Downturn in politics in the era of Pa Prem

and the way down of Big Tu

"Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamrongsak" talked about the decline of political power in the Pa Prem era.

It became apparent when he assumed the position of Prime Minister for the second term because the senators had expired.

causing the stability of the government to shake

Like the Big Tu era

If he survives the 8-year term as prime minister, he will be re-elected as prime minister, but the stability of the government will be reduced.

By that time the coalition government will be strengthened.

until causing the Prime Minister's chair and the power of "3 years" to deteriorate

“The end of Prem's political path

Showing the decline of the prime minister coming from the military At that time, the list of scholars and intellectuals was hunted to file 99 petitions, putting pressure on the state of Prem's government who was completely shaken.

But now the Big Tu government

just beginning to decline in power

so the pressure

therefore has no effect on the Prime Minister

but if a senator has expired

will see the quarrel of 3 P. as in the past

General Kriengsak Chamanan resigns from Prime Minister

Both tears in the middle of the council to make way for the prime minister

The next person will take the position."

For the administration of Big Tu, now it's like a "government routine", working on a daily solution.

Lack of long-term development planning

It was the worst government image in history.

because of the prem era

People will think of the image of a competent economic advisor.

But the government of this era exists to maintain the power of the partisans.

despite the economic recession

and more resistance from the new generation

But when the power of this senator is exhausted

will see the collapse of the Big Du government more clearly

“From the history of Thai politics, it can be seen that the power of the military.

The powers of the senators are often used.

Help when entering the political arena

But when it starts to run out of power, it will come back to take power again.

and playing politics the same way

because this group needs power

Only at that time who would lead the army?

Most of the powers were seized in almost every era.

They will think of each other since they are in the mosquito net.

The people, on the other hand, have to bear the karma for the mismanagement of the country once and for all.”