Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said today that the United States cannot allow China to normalize the level of pressure on Taiwan, which she confirmed with several days of military exercises after her visit to the island claimed by Beijing. .

"What we've seen with China is that they're trying to create a new kind of normal, and we can't allow that to happen," Pelosi said,

Reuters reports.

China announced today that it has "completed various tasks" around Taiwan, but will continue regular patrols.

That could mean a few days of war games are over, as Beijing continues to put pressure on the self-governing island.

Angered by last week's visit by Pelosi, a vocal critic of China, Beijing has extended the largest-ever drills around Taiwan that were originally scheduled to last four days.

“We went there to praise Taiwan.

We went there to show our friendship, to say that China cannot isolate Taiwan," Pelosi said.

She laughed when asked about China's announcement that it would take sanctions against her, “Who cares?

This is secondary for me, it doesn't matter at all."