The Minister of Education, Jeton Shaqiri, said that he will welcome any criticism and remarks from education experts regarding the textbooks of the new teaching concept, especially for the second grade primer, which only provides for the teaching of writing letters.

Shaqiri told "Alsat" that the teaching concept is aimed at raising the quality of education and not harming students.

He appealed to lecturers, teachers and experts to submit their comments to the Department of Education.

".. each remark and each educational program must be accepted in the best sense by everyone that there is no educational program which is perfect from the point of view of its realization.

If there are other remarks and I notice from the experts and others that the progress of the students from the transition to the first grade to the second grade has a stalling process for this I will definitely listen to the voice and I will be the voice of the experts to change something for the better of the educational process for children, in the specific case of this subject", said Jeton Shaqiri, Minister of Education and Science.

The new teaching concept, which in the 2022-23 school year will include the second and fifth grades, has again received criticism from education experts.

A day ago, the professor, Avzi Mustafa, said that the primer of the second grade envisages that the students learn only the letters of writing and not the printing, as was usual for this class.

As he said, this will cause difficulties for students and teachers.

"Handwriting requires more work, more commitment, I can get to the point where the student is not interested.

Then cursively reading a text again is a mistake because the student will rather engage with all the senses so that I can determine the letter and lag behind until I connect it.

In any case, we will have a reader who will be very weak", said Avzi Mustafa, professor.

Mustafa expresses his outrage about the small number of hours of the mother tongue, five hours a week. According to him, the small number of hours will cause stagnation in the students, in writing and reading.

The implementation of the curriculum plan according to the new teaching concept foresees that schools are equipped with a digital board, computer, digital equipment such as a camera, telephone, television or radio, but also logic boards, garden tools and many others.

The Education Development Bureau has already published the curricula for second and fifth grade subjects, while the Ministry of Education and Science is waiting for the publication of new texts for these subjects./Alsat/