"Kosovo is prepared to stand against a possible attack from Serbia, as the worsening of strife with the Serbian community could result in a new armed conflict."

This is what the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, stated in an interview given to Reuters on Wednesday, Telegrafi reports.

The head of the executive has repeated his statements that war may start in Kosovo.

He gave such a statement two days ago to the Italian daily "La Repubblica", where he mentioned the danger that may appear to Kosovo from Serbia.

"We should not rule out that these aggressive policies of Belgrade could turn into an attack against Kosovo in one way or another," Kurti told Reuters, speaking in English.

"We are alert, but not afraid."

He added: "I'm not saying they will attack us this week or next week, but it would be completely irresponsible to rule out... the possibility of increased tensions and new conflicts."

Reuters speaking about Kosovo, writes "the small landlocked Balkan country gained independence from Serbia in 2008, almost a decade after a guerrilla uprising against Belgrade's repressive rule".

"The despotic (Russian) president (Vladimir) Putin is a man of war and he would have an interest in spreading the war because he wants to normalize the war," Kurti said, alluding to Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine in February.

"We have our security and defense institutions and bodies, Kosovo is a state now, this is not 1998", said the prime minister.

"This is 2022, so we are much better prepared to defend our sovereignty, territorial integrity, defend democracy, rule of law, constitutionalism and defend our progress."