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The cybercrime unit of the Greek police has begun investigating the activities of three organized groups believed to have siphoned more than €5 million from unsuspecting Greeks.

Greek media outlet Proto Thema reported that the gangs stole huge sums of money through phishing scams, hacking into bank accounts or hacking into their targets' mobile phones.

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A municipal mayor of the island of Crete is one of the victims - Manolis Fragakis tells how he received a call from an unknown number.

The person who called him explained that he was in debt to Fraganis and owed him 380 euros, which is why he wanted the details of his bank account in order to transfer the money to him.

A little later, 7,800 euros disappeared from the mayor's account.

The Association for Consumer Protection in Greece says that in such cases they are completely helpless.

According to Proto Thema, one of the victims is currently fighting a legal battle to recover the stolen money.

Others stung have turned to the Greek Consumers Association "Quality of Life", which relies on the help of the authorities.

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