Grand Seiko conveys inspiration

From nature to a special timepiece

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10 Aug 2022 07:12





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Continue to create a phenomenon for watch lovers and collectors in Thailand continuously.

With world-class standards of precision, durability and elegance, “Grand Seiko”, a luxury watch brand from Japan.

Released for the first time three limited edition models, highlighting

the 'Koke-iro' (Koke-iro), 'Nami' (Nami) and 'Hikari' (hi Kari), produced only 100 pieces per model, available only in Thailand.

Daniel Blessing, Sirinat Ruangsuwandej, Mr. Akira Sakairi, Jirawit Pongpaijit and Witsarat Sukwatthanasiri.

Araya Vathanupap, Arun Sukla.

Akira Sakairi, Managing Director of Seiko Thailand, said that Grand Seiko's commitment to excellence is full of challenges in creating and developing a wide range of watch designs


Under the concept The Nature of Time combines naturalness with design, such as the Elegance collection, which is classic, luxurious, suitable for everyday wear, the Heritage collection, which is the heart of the design definition of Grand Seiko is ready to convey the craftsmanship of refined home decorations that have been passed down since 1967, reflecting the brand's unique aesthetics and Japanese aura. The Sport collection emphasizes luxury and elegance. Durable, and the Evolution 9 collection represents the future of Grand Seiko.

By bringing the design of Grand Seiko Style as the basis for the design perfectly.

while keeping the heart of every element of every watch meticulously crafted.

Emphasis on craftsmanship

and pay attention to every detail

Every watch is inspired by the combination of nature conveyed on the beautiful dial.

so that the watch is a teller with a story and value.

Benja Atchinda.

Mr. Akira Sakairi, Sirinat Ruang Suwandej.

Among the highlights of the Grand Seiko Limited Edition are three models: SBGH303: Koke-iro (Koke-iro) or Green Moss, with a “Kiratsuri” dial, representing the rich forest.

and the dial is inspired by the morning sun falling on the moss covering the forest floor “Shizukuichi” where Stu is located.

Dio Grand Seiko Mechanism

Every mechanical house that has been created, model SBGY021 : Nami (Nami) or Suwa Wave is a watch that tells the time to pass on the beauty of the water surface.

It is depicted as a wave pattern dial inspired by Lake Suwa.

where the sunlight falls in the evening, model SBGY025 :

Hikari (Hikari) or Golden Light with the familiar dial pattern “Iwate Dial” has been reinterpreted.

To describe the beauty of the last golden sunlight in the evening that passes through the clouds.

impact on the water surface

Over Lake Suwa at dusk

And the specialty of the Nami and Hikari models is the first to use an ultra-thin mechanism with a dual-main spring system that maintains an excellent 72-hour power reserve.

Experience and own it at Grand Seiko Boutique on the 1st floor at Gaysorn Village Shopping Center, Grand Seiko Online Boutique and Grand Seiko Salon in the watch department of leading department stores.