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10 Aug 2022 07:16 a.m.





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Continue to enhance financial literacy (Financial Literacy) to improve the quality of life.

and business quality for small operators

Thai Credit Bank

Enhance your financial knowledge through the Tungto Know-how project, a financial literacy course that helps you know how to “find money, save money, grow money 

” under the concept

“Financial Edutainment” makes money fun, easy to understand, and practical.

by providing financial knowledge to small entrepreneurs

especially a group of merchants for 6 years, a total of over 65,000

Roy Augustinus Kunara Managing Director

Thai Credit Retail Bank Public Company Limited said that Thai Credit Bank

Confident that the promotion of financial knowledge and skills to Thai people in every region

will play a part in the fight against inflation.

and to alleviate the continually rising household debt problem.

affecting the economy of the country

In the second half of the year, the goal is to expand the target group of permanent and temporary employees.

Independent occupation groups, including youths, to have financial knowledge

to create stability in life

And build a strong and sustainable business for the year 2022 has expanded the target group to the salaryman group.

Independent professionals and youth groups are ready to add inspirational activities, "Tangto Know-how, Tutoring about Money to Grow Big Bags" with growing business owners.

until it can establish stability

rich in life

and recently sealed

power with allies

To provide knowledge and financial skills to merchants in the Thai Rung Thip Fresh Market, Khlong Dan Subdistrict,

Bang Bo, Samut Prakan Province

by the bank's research team

Knowledge of financial planning

Cost management, reduce expenses to fight inflation.

Debt Management

Principles of saving money, etc.