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11 Aug 2022 6:42 a.m.





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Must accept the fact that

“Oil-Gas-Electricity” are brothers and sisters.

when oil prices rise

cooking gas prices rise

Electricity must increase the price to complete the tripartite.

Diesel fuel has gone up 5 baht per liter, cooking gas has gone up 4 baht per kilo.

Now it's time for the queue to increase the electricity cost from 4 baht per unit to 4 baht per unit at 72 satang.

All of them arise from the same cause:

energy crisis from

Russo-Ukrainian War

It's been dragging on for almost half a year!!

But the increase in electricity prices in the next 4 months makes

"Prime Minister Lung Tu" does not think that he will stop raising the FT or will let the electricity cost increase according to the resolution of the Energy Regulatory Commission or the ERC.

If "Uncle Tu's government" will order the brakes not to adjust the FT additional 68.66 satang per unit.

The debt burden of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, which is already 170 billion baht, will bloom even more!!

Or if the government will use the central budget to subsidize the FT, it will increase the burden on the government too heavy.

"Mae Luk Chan" believes that in the end, "Prime Minister Uncle Tu" has to allow the ghost to increase the FT for the period of September-December, another 68.66 satang per unit according to the ERC's resolution.

As a result, Thai people have to pay for unprecedented high electricity bills!!

And when electricity, which is an important cost, increases the price.

This will result in another parade of goods to increase the price of electricity.

Raising electricity bills will definitely cause the government to be scolded by villagers until Hu Yan!!

Recently, Prime Minister Uncle Tu came out to suggest that

Electricity price increase in the past 4 months from now on, must take into account reasons and necessity.

Because in the past, the government had to bear the burden of carrying energy prices in the hundreds of billions of baht.

If it is necessary to raise the FT, the government is looking for measures that will cause people to suffer the least and that will affect the cost of living the least.

Interpreted according to Prime Minister Uncle Tu's words, it is necessary to allow another 68.66 satang per unit of FT, according to the ERC's resolution.

This will make people pay electricity bills from 4 baht per unit to 4 baht per unit at 72 satang.

The big problem that "Prime Minister Uncle Tu" is still "unbreakable" is what measures will the government find to help low-income people who suffer from high electricity bills and high cost of living??

The first thing that Prime Minister Uncle Tu has to use is to take care of low-income people who use no more than 300 units of electricity per month.

May be exempted from the FT fee in the part that will increase another 68.66 satang per unit??

But "Mother Luk Chan" has a new option for Uncle Tu to consider.

propose that the government exempt

No 7% watt tax for temporary electricity users for 4 months.

It is considered as a sauce to cure the sickness in the famine era.

Which house pays the electricity bill 5 thousand baht per month?

You will be able to reduce the VAT tax by 350 baht.

"Moon Moon"