Date of the day

On August 11, 1127,

Hrodna was mentioned for the first time in written sources in the Lawrence Chronicle.

Also on this day




- the battle of Thermopylae took place between the Persian army of Xerxes and the allied army of the Greek polis under the command of the Spartan king Leonidas.


- in Soviet Russia, Savnarkam's decree on the implementation of a new economic policy (NEP) was published.


— the terrorist community "Al-Qaeda" was formed.


— NATO takes command of the international peacekeeping contingent in Afghanistan.


– mass protests against falsification of presidential elections continued in Belarus.

They were born on this day



Vladimir Dobravolsky

, Belarusian ethnographer.


Władysław Anders

, general, head of Polish armed formations in 1944–1945, organizer of the so-called "Anders Army", formed in the USSR from former prisoners of war and forcibly deported citizens of pre-war Poland.

Under his command, during the Second World War, thousands of Belarusians fought against the Nazis in the Middle East and Italy.



Edmund Rusetsky

, statesman of the BSSR.

He was the Deputy Commissar of Agriculture of the BSSR, shot in 1938.



Alyaksei Baranovsky

, Belarusian actor, Honored Artist of Belarus.

In memory

1464 -

Nicholas of Cusan

, a German thinker, died.

1956 -

Jackson Pollock

, an American artist, died.

Exhibition of works by Jackson Pollock in Tehran, 2015