According to the soldier, whose name has not been released, there were ten more "refusaries" with him.

All of them were kept tied up for more than a day, without food, water and the opportunity to go to the toilet, they were beaten several times, threatening first with transfer to a detention center, and then with physical mutilation - in particular, the soldiers were promised to shoot their knees.

As a result, everyone was forced to return to the front by force and threats.

According to the soldier, a colonel by the name of Nechyparenko participated in the interrogations of the refuseniks, and they were beaten by men in balaclavas, one of whom called himself a soldier of the "57th Brigade".

The Insider also said that the soldier who told the journalists about the torture has now returned to Russia with a concussion.

He plans to formally address the Investigative Committee.

It became known at the end of July that Russian soldiers who refused to fight in Ukraine are being illegally detained in the territory of the city of Branka, Luhansk region.

It was reported that dozens of soldiers are in the basement under the protection of mercenaries from the private military company "Wagner", they are threatened with pretrial detention and court.

The TV channel "Nastoyachesie vremya" mentioned the name of one of the refusers - Artem Gorshanin, a private of the engineering and sapper company of military unit No. 09332.