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30 fires are active in the country.

In the fight against them, 100 fire engines, 281 firefighters, 40 policemen, 41 volunteers and more than 85 employees of forestry farms are on the ground.

This was announced by the director of the General Directorate "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population" (GDPBZN), Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov, at the hearth near the beloved village of Yerushalimovo, BTA reported.

All of them are making efforts to control the situation, said Nikolov.

According to him, there are currently three problematic fires - the one in Haskovsko, in Starozagorsko and in Sredets municipality.

In the Pazardzhik village of Elshitsa, the elements are coming under control.

However, a new fire has broken out near the Cave, where the forces of the service have been directed.

In the meantime, a fire has been activated near the Haskovo village of Bryagovo, informed the director of the regional fire department in Haskovo, Nikolay Valchev.

A prerequisite for ignitions are high temperatures, and in more than 90 percent of cases the cause is human activity, Nikolov summarized.

He called on farmers, especially in South-Eastern Bulgaria, to stop field work in the next two or three days and warned that in dry and windy weather, even the tiniest spark is enough to cause a disaster.


Commissioner Nikolov also assured that the State Security Service is actively working on programs to renew the service's equipment.

AM "Maritsa" is being closed due to an uncontrolled fire


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