*** The leading evening news on August 9 ***

Viktor Orbán is a great friend of Russia and Putin, but this did not save him or his country from the cessation of oil supplies. 

Russian oil deliveries to three European countries via Ukraine have been halted as transit payments cannot be processed due to sanctions, Russia's Transneft said.

"On August 4, supplies of Russian oil through the territory of Ukraine were suspended," the pipeline operator said in a statement, adding that supplies to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic would be affected.

Russia has cut off oil to three countries


The explosions took place today in the village of Novofeodorovka (in the western part of the peninsula) on the territory of a unit used by the Moscow Air Force.

The Russian planes take off from there and bombard the nearby Kherson and Odesa regions.

The Kremlin-appointed governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, said he had arrived at the scene of the incident.

According to Russia, the explosion occurred in a warehouse for the storage of ammunition.

No one was injured, said a representative of the occupiers.

Explosions have rocked a Russian military base in occupied Crimea


The circumstances surrounding the death of Gorban, who had previously fought in Syria and was the recipient of two bravery medals, are not known.

According to Pavliushko, Gorban was among the highest-ranking officers of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin has lost one of his most senior officers in Ukraine


Gas price for August: KEVR discussed a 60% jump


"When Gazprom stopped supplying, there was gas.

We had all the worst scenarios,

even if there is a "Chernobyl" 2. What will happen if the Bosphorus is closed, if gas and oil stop.

"Chiren" is on track to be 10% more full than it was last year

at the start of the heating season.

In the final weeks of the government, we managed to make a long-term contract for seven barges

to cover our needs until March.

We welded Azeri gas at 30%, we are currently receiving the full volume.

The first ones are at the agreed price, the rest - at the price at which we would receive Russian gas," he also pointed out.

Asen Vassilev: We do not receive Russian gas through intermediaries


"Not everyone who wants change is ready to be a part of it.

Change means leaving your comfort zone and

taking the risk that not only good things will happen to you along the way.

At these times, however, it is important to have a team of equally believing and motivated people, and it is even more important that they start working as a well-oiled machine and grow.

We continue."

Lena Borislavova: Not everyone who wants change is ready to be a part of it


The Sofia City Court allows entry of "We continue the change" in the register of political parties, it was reported from there. 

Continuing the Change held its Constituent Assembly five months after winning the last early parliamentary elections.

The beginning of party building was set on April 15 at the Congress Center in Plovdiv.

It's official: The court entered "Continuing Change" as a party


The Ministry of Health with a new order on masks


The Ministry of Health is launching free antigen tests for COVID-19