The game has broken the pole trend.

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10 Aug 2022 6:44 a.m.





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No matter what rules you lose

But how to lose to have a shape

There is only a square to fight back.

It is said according to the mood that career electors among the ruling coalition leaders still admit to confessing.

A network of powers 3 years that fall into a secondary team

"Mr. Dubai Mall"

next election

Close the door to win the Pheu Thai Party

And it's even more damaged.

with symptoms of excruciating pain

Trying to modify the "rules favor our side", draw out the party list recipe, divide by 100, divide by 500, then go back to divide by 100.

Siblings and brothers stepping on fish eyes

Scramble "face to face" to win the prime minister's chair next round

Dare to play together to the point of "consolidating" the council to abort the election law

Just to be hopeful in the destination

regardless of suitability

The eyes of the people in society who watch with weariness, regretting taxes, salaries, meeting allowances, water bills, electricity bills, wasted food.

blame the council

scolded by Mao

It further drags the faith of the already collapsing 3-year government.

Let them dive into the abyss until they never return.

Clear numbers from the "broken" standard polls, head-to-head polls.

causing the porters to sit next to each other

Ai Hoi Noh team must come out to hit "Nida Poll", a survey of the National Institute of Development Administration on "8 years of prime minister and the political future of 3 years."

With a majority of 65.25 percent, they urged Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense to announce that he will be in office for only 8 years, due on August 24, 2022.

The sly voice of the 3 year old military leader dragged on the power.

fluttering according to the current situation

And a clear sign that the majority of people, more than 80 percent, do not want the three-year old military team, whether one of them has a role in forming a government after the next election.

Tired of the three brothers, they didn't want to be bothered again.

But that's about Pol.

It is said according to the mood of the porters who came out to knock back "Nida Poll", it is clear that "old soldiers 3 years" do not accept the condition easily.

Anyway, blunt

Continue to drag the power game for sure.

And you don't have to ask where the confidence comes from.

In the mood that "Sia Tui", Mr. Peeraphan Salirathaviphak, the leader of the Ruam Thai Build Chart Party, who volunteered for "Ruam Thai Sang Tu", raised the flag to send all 400 district MP candidates across the country.

Aim to sweep all constituencies

in spite of the fact that in the circle of descent of the Sian electing a career

set betting odds

"Ruam Thai Sang Tu" will get up to 25 MPs, the minimum number.

enough to nominate

General Prayut

Double the Prime Minister's chair round 3 or not?

The cheaper the party list recipe

"Big Brother" Tag Team

"Mr. Dubai Mall" drags back to divide 100, breaks the camp, breaks coins, 10 banks, 20 of the "lek brother", the more the chances are reduced

Conditions of the situation squeeze "Big Tu" who still looks at the world wide.

But the road is getting narrower

In comparison, the possibility still flows to "big brother" such as "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Pracharat Power Camp.

with the "Fangs" and the old tiger tactic that is difficult to guess

But to this day, it's clear that the style of "I don't know, I don't know" is not lost or forgotten.

But the real thing is to set up a fortress to fight in the election field.

Traveling upcountry together

Go up northeast, go south

with the marketing strategy "I don't know, I don't know, but I don't know"

The "Big Brother" parade team seized the pad "Stand One" in the National People's Democratic Republic.

Dress up and wait for the Hua cross-pole deal.

After the election, for Thais to breed Pracharath power

Weaving dreams of old people, breaking the polls.

political news team