The "Vesti Krym" publication, citing eyewitnesses, reported on "a series of explosions in the vicinity of the military airfield in Novofeodorovci" and published photos and videos of the incident.

Telegram channel "Mash on the wave" also reported with reference to eyewitnesses that "ammunition warehouses and the airstrip in Novofeodorovci are on fire."

The publication publishes a video of the incident.

"The first explosion occurred around 15:20, a total of ten are reported.

Neighboring houses were previously damaged," the report says.

Information about the explosions was confirmed by the Kriminform publication, which is close to the Russian authorities in Crimea.

Oleg Kruchkov, an adviser to the Moscow-appointed head of Crimea, confirmed several explosions in the Novofedaravka area at the airfield in the Saksky district, the BBC writes.

"So far, I can only confirm the fact of several explosions in the Novofeodoravka area.

I ask everyone to wait for official announcements and not to spread the word," Kruchkov wrote.

Viktoria Kazmirova, head of the Saksky district, confirmed that the explosions took place at the airfield: "Our airfield is exploding.

Explosions at the airfield.

Here all the glass was broken."

At the same time, the pro-Russian military correspondent Yury Katyanok writes that there were about ten explosions.

"In 20 km.

from Novofeodoravka, glass shakes and car alarms go off," he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Sergei Aksyonov, the head of Crimea appointed by the Russian authorities, also went to the scene of the incident.