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iron fist

10 Aug 2022 05:33





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Mobilizing the masses

to kick off today is the first day

to pressure

General Prayut Chan-o-cha decided to end the issue of being prime minister for 8 years under the constitution.

Let the water drain before August 24 this year so that it doesn't have to become a political slate.

leading to a new political crisis

The long road of Gen. Prayut

will extend the term until the full term on March 24, 2023 or will continue to be the country's leader

At least two more years after the end of his term and new elections are not as smooth as standing on a hill.

Based on a simple logic, the fact is

General Prayut

Having been Prime Minister for two or eight years in a row, there is no need to cite the 2017 Constitution or any other transitional provisions.

Polls to explore the opinions of the people in particular

NIDA Poll's office, as though 64.25 percent of the people will lose their ties with the country's leader, said the prime minister should declare that he has been in office for eight years and will be in office no later than Aug. 24. Another opinion, 32.93 percent. that the Prime Minister should wait for the Constitutional Court to make a decision

Let's talk about it again. There are many views. But what the villagers do not agree with is that it plays a role in

government establishment

After the next election, 55.18 percent, or more than half, believe the three-prongs will no longer play a role in forming a government.

Some streams claim to see that

Appointment to transfer officers this year

Who will be able to control the army?

Is it a person in the Sam Por network or not, and will it be a sign that the Sam Por will come back to power or not?

Because they still believe that Thailand's democracy is still defined by the barrel of a gun.

Some view that the Pracharath power and Pheu Thai in overturning the 500-500 organic constitutional law is because it aims to form a government in the future.

Because if as long as Palang Pracharath has to join hands with Pride Thai and Democrats in forming a government, they are still at a disadvantage in negotiating political positions.

Especially the Bhumjai Thai Party, where Anutin Charnvirakul, the party's leader, diligently went to launch the top-level MPs who were drawn from various parties.

I can see clearly the intention of Pride Thai, including the position of the next prime minister that Anutin did not deny.

Today, there is another trend that follows, namely, the Election Commission will decide to submit the case of the prime minister for 8 years to the Constitutional Court.

Self-interpreted before Aug. 24 to make everything fit, even rumored to be preparing to set up

Acting government

Once again

all this phenomenon

Must admit that it is a national crisis that is about to erupt little by little.

And all this, if you think about it, analyze it well.

Not at Sam Por. Or the army or politicians in any way. It's just the end of the cause.

But it's up to the country's leaders to decide with the big fire that they see in front of them.

Because of the monsoon, all problems come down to Gen. Prayut

Blame the constitution

Learn to tie, not learn to solve.

If you want to break the tamarind checkpoint

There will only be losers, history is not just for remembering.

Iron fist