Please listen to the voice of the people

Thai Rath Edition

10 Aug 2022 6:44 a.m.





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Few probably remember that, over 8 years in power, the “3-year” government had a period of immense popularity.

from Thai people?

Most people only remember that in recent times the government's approval rating has declined.

Recently, Nida polls found for the first time, with more than 64% of people asking General Prayut Chan-ocha to declare it clearly.

That is, it announced that it will not serve as prime minister beyond the 8-year term on August 24, the survey found that 55.18% of the sample did not believe that the three-year group will play a role in forming a government after the next election.

This is the first time that Thai people have spoken clearly not for the 3P group to end their political role.

and speak clearly about 8 years

According to the results of studies of many universities

from asking people from different provinces

Since the NCPO government took power, most of the government's approval rating has dropped in the first five years under a full dictatorship.

The government's performance is not impressive.

People see that the leadership of

General Prayut

shockingly inferior in all aspects

Study results of master's students

Rangsit University

found that people lack

Confidence in General Prayut in many aspects such as protection of national interests

responsibility for speech

or announced policies

Most of the sample group viewed the coup.

make people well

eat the least

and make the economy

low employment

The government's approval rating has dropped.

was aggravated by the results

"Vote of no confidence" by groups of people from all over the country

That paralleled the vote of no confidence in the prime minister and 10 ministers at the end of July.

A total of 504,806 people voted, 97% voted no confidence in the prime minister and seven ministers.

Another 96% of the people voted no confidence in the other four ministers, a landslide victory.

More than the land slide of the people's sector

while the government is the winner

with overwhelming scores

to vote in the council

Despite the criticism that the vote of

People are not right according to research methodology, but can't deny that it's the people's voice.

As for the problem that 8 years of Gen. Prayut

When will it be due?

It is a matter that the people used to call for the Prime Minister.

Must declare clearly at least 2 times, but Gen. Prayut Boi is a matter of the Constitutional Court.

In spite of this should not be a complicated legal problem.

The facts are clear.

The intent of the constitution is clear.