lightning rod

10 Aug 2022 6:41 a.m.





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The Democratic Party is wary of forgetting the world… the old party at the level of Thailand's political institutions.

is a democracy that has gone through intense heat and cold

There are ups and downs according to the condition.

but was able to stand on the political road

Only to stand out, scorching or lonely, depending on the political situation that has changed in each era.

In the past 10 years, it must be said frankly that the decline continues.

Due to internal conflicts and lack of leadership in the old party

When there are internal problems, the leadership of the prominent party, as it has dispersed along the way, makes the current party executives not strong enough to compete with other political parties.

Even Pride Thai, a middle-class party, but because of its strong leadership, it can lead to unity, raising the party to be like the front line.

In the last election, both parties had similar MPs and joined the government.

But no matter how much evil, Thai pride has developed that clearly see the difference.

There are MPs in every region, even the southern region that has been held by democracy for a long time has been broken, excluding the northeastern region.

enough MPs

But the Democrats, in addition to not being able to compete for the northeastern region, have also lost the southern region to other political parties to take over.

Today, Pride of Thailand is outstanding, with more and more politicians flocking to join.

Ready to fight with all political parties

Even Pheu Thai is afraid.

Anutin Charnvirakul, the party's leader, has announced the nomination for prime minister.

But Democrats still have to count their heads today.

Will anyone resign from the party tomorrow?

It is a downturn on a rapidly changing and diverse political road.

Polls poll the popularity of the party that used to be at the top.

Today is almost the end

The party leader was not prominent enough to become the country's leader.

The next election seems to be bad for sure.

"Ruam Thai to Build the Nation", a new political party, but most of its personnel have been affiliated with Democrats before.

Led by Mr. Peeraphan Salerattaviphak, pretending to be another party with a bright future

Having said that, all of them used to belong to the Democrats until it was jokingly said that the people who were heartbroken from the Democrats couldn't help but be a contender.

I don't know what to read next...

The point is that today's political world has changed and developed that it has moved forward until it surpasses the term.

"Democracy" is gone.

What does it mean in the pre-political era?

But Democrats are still one of the most popular and trusted political parties.

That made it possible to maintain a party.

But when everything has changed until there is a party that can replace the Democrat with a more diverse and modern.

This is an important reminder.

that the democratic people have to think, do not be complacent

Because the chances of becoming a low ten sect or going extinct if not overhauled!

"lightning rod"