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Believing but superstitiously

Thai Rath Edition

10 Aug. 2022 6:45 a.m.





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“Economic recession” affects people's income decline, causing them to turn to dependency.

“A person claims to be a godfather and mother” relying on beliefs, perform rituals, begging for sacred things, inspiring fortunes, good trading, and uninterrupted flow of money.

causing a "magic person" to open an office to pick up misfortunes to cure superstitious karma, pop up like a mushroom

"Receiving money to receive gold hidden in Thai society" became a commercial superstition, often caught prosecuting deceit into the news in the past a lot.

Phra Ratchathamnitet


Phra Phayom Kalayano, the

abbot of Suan Kaew Temple said that

In fact, “

superstitious rituals

” have existed in Thai society for a long time, but in the past, the rituals were performed in silence.

Not as stupefying as today's claims that "this person is wonderful or this person is powerful" as the Yom see.

"This is like a religious tumor", inviting villagers to join in the ritual in their own school.

By convincingly, organizing a glorious ritual that provokes a miracle by using other things to show off, such as drinking white wine equals money.

or drink beer equal to gold

And eating Larb will have good luck.

These words will encourage people to follow.

“More and more faith is born” for no reason at all.

Even the "police chiefs" have their beliefs in asking for sacred things to help them succeed in catching the bad guys in 3 days and 7 days. go again

As a result, superstition beliefs and rituals still occur in Thai society.

According to the principle of the recitation of the Dharma, it is said that

“When people are threatened with fear,” whether it is the danger of natural disasters, lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, or fear of epidemic diseases that will affect their livelihoods.

That forced humans to often seek refuge in their survival.

Now people are facing the epidemic. What is the problem?

“Hope can float and grab it, it must be grabbed.” It is like a person who is drowning in water is about to sink.

Even if that thing was a piece of trash floating in front of you, it would always have to be grabbed first.

Moreover, there are criminals waiting to take advantage of the opportunity to earn money.

“People are seeking refuge in this belief.” By claiming to be godparents, they can communicate with the supernatural.

This makes it easier for people to become victims of scams.

and what's more

"Claiming to be a Sri Ariya Maitreya" in order to help everyone in the world to survive as well.

In this regard, as long as the “

government and monastic

bureaucracy” cannot cope, let them use the sacred things of power as an excuse to motivate people to become obsessed like this.

To exploit the more it is to destroy the religion harder.

If it was in the "

Luang Por Panya Nanthaphikku

" era, he was always the spearhead, always refraining and admonishing him not to be ignorant.

But now, it's still good to have a "

Mor Pla

" to help protect Buddhism.

“Exposing people who misbehave” makes people start to feel hesitant about whether they believe it or not.

and dependable or unreliable, as if twitching for people to stop being ignorant

In fact, if you look back on this belief in the past, there was Buddhism.

“Thai way of life” is often believed to respect Brahmins, nymphs and superstitions until the age of “Buddhism enters the territory of Thailand” spreading its influence widely, but

“Traditional beliefs” have not faded away and remain the same.

Became a blend of "

Buddhism, rituals, superstitions, miracles

" and have continued to believe and practice until today.

Moreover, in the Buddhist era, he taught to believe in miracles as well, but "


" did not praise him.

"Miraculous power" which is a miracle in power, acting, being a magician to inspire things.

Whether it's flying, walking in the air, clairvoyant ears, clairvoyance, and not praising "

preaching miracles

" is to guess the heart of Yom.

but he taught to believe in

"Anusasani miracles

is a teaching that is miraculous” to show the dharma to the audience to understand and then put it into practice that can actually result in wisdom, such as using miracles to show the dharma to the thief who can repent

Therefore, the "Buddha" did not praise him.

“Monks show people to be magicians” because they may become narcissistic and become a cult like they used to happen, for example, “For example, “Former Phra Bang Rao Utari” has wonderful qualities beyond normal people.

In the end, there is no real magic, "deceitful", must be punished for lack of being a monk.

been prosecuted for a period of time

Later, when "Buddhist commands not to act as a wonderful person", it has become a form of "

hermit or sect of cult

" to organize strange superstitious rituals.

"The more you do, the more you get rich" that has a sly face waiting to receive children. Knowing each other for use in advertising promotions, for example, in the case of "Ghost Tells Lottery", where people who win the lottery are so rich that they have to set up a Chinese table to raise a huge ghost.

shows how far Thailand has progressed

“Some people don't know how to turn to others and rely on ghosts again.” Part of this may be because

“Economic Depression” People find it difficult to earn enough to be deceived more easily.

If asked, "The power of superstition

Or are there any supernatural things?” In this story, when I was a child, “Grandfather” often had to sit and chant Khmer spells when eating.

Summons Phra Mae Ganga, Mother Earth, to protect the skin and make it invincible.

Then one day, Grandfather was shot by a villain.

It appears that the bullets are not broken, can't shoot.

Even with knives, he saw no wounds, but inside his body he was bruised all over until he became bedridden. Therefore, in the past, superstition was used as a ploy to do good deeds.

"People who have amulets from monks" must practice morality in the Dharma.

But nowadays it is used as a tool of exploitation against "believers, ignorant people" and has been victimized by many.

In this way, I would like to quote the great discourse "

Somdej Phra Buddhakosachan (P.A. Payutto)

" said that "Buddhist Thap Lak began to grumble to find power", that is, according to the principle, those who want success must rely on power. Four, "Chantha", contentment, "viriya", persistence, "chitta", focusing on "vimangsa", diligently monitoring, but not applying this principle to beg for something holy and a miracle instead.

If there's any news that helps it succeed, it's taken over.

Become a fortune floating in the dry wind.

On this issue, the "National Buddhism Bureau" government has to urgently take measures to deal with it.

"To call the mind so that people are not more ignorant" because they have noticed that the media, radio, television or social media

Often does not speak for the ignorant to believe in the right way that should be believed.

"Faith must be comprehensible with wisdom" but instead focuses on teaching and inviting people to make merit only.

Most of them focus on communication.

"That temple, this temple is always fulfilling as they wish", resulting in more urging people to flock to worship and pray.

“Merit is backwards.” People go to the temple to hope for good fortune.

If I win the lottery, I will come back to make merit.

In the end, he won the lottery until the merit was not done again.

Reinforced with "net idols and celebrities", most of them depend on famous temples.

with the ritual of exorcism

Anointing That Anointing Here

which is believed to enhance mercy

And luck will increase and "work will come in, money will flow uninterruptedly", causing the temple to focus on merit making ceremonies until it is almost part of the Buddhist commerce.

In fact, the word

“Buddhist Panich” means that Buddhists trade with each other. “Sellers” see buyers as children, while “customers” view sellers as “parents”, causing family business to not take advantage of each other, but “selling talismans” emphasizes Profits take advantage of others until they should be called

"Commercial occultism" because of living with the superstition.

Moreover, this superstition circle even

“Teachers, teachers, graduated Doctors” are still docile with him, so please remind Thai society by giving an example.

"Sister doll" claims to make good fortune and make good trade.

There are many rich people.

If true, why the government or the Ministry of Commerce?

Don't take your sister's doll so that you can be a sucker for money for the country...?

Therefore, in the end, "remind all relatives" must be carefully considered.

"Don't be obsessed with hope, fortune, rank, praise" because things like this happen, stay, and go away... Blessed.