The Prime Minister of the country, Albin Kurti, on Monday, in an interview given to the Italian daily "La Repubblica" and to Radio Evropa e Lirë, spoke about the danger that may appear to Kosovo from Serbia, as well as about last week's protests in the north, which according to him, were not spontaneous, but organized by Belgrade with the support of Russia.

Arton Demhasaj from the organization "Çohu" said in a statement for Telegraf, that such discourse of the prime minister is a tendency to draw the public's attention from the great economic problems that Kosovo is going through.

Demhasaj said that the trend that arouses in the public the idea that we are endangered by a potential war from Serbia seems to me to be inappropriate.

Arton Demhasaj, from the "Çohu" organization

"It seems to me more like a tendency to draw the public's attention from the big economic problems that Kosovo is going through today, based on the high rate of inflation, the flight of young people from Kosovo and all these problems that exist today in Kosovo.

This is the tendency that gives rise to the public idea that we are endangered by a potential war from Serbia, which seems to me to be inappropriate", he said.

According to him, as long as NATO provides security in Kosovo, it cannot be expected that Serbia will think of attacking Kosovo.

"It is known who provides security in Kosovo, KFOR within NATO.

At the moment when NATO stays in Kosovo to provide security, then we cannot expect Serbia to dare to even think of attacking Kosovo.

So this whole idea that Kosovo is endangered, I think is exaggerated in terms of what Kurti is saying.

And, rather, I think it's to attract attention", he continued.

He says that he does not believe that Kosovo is threatened by war.

"There was a tendency to aggravate the situation in the north, a few days ago when the decision on reciprocity was supposed to come into force.

But I never believe that Kosovo is threatened by war".

Demhasaj said that such discourse of the prime minister creates negative consequences.

"We are seeing what a high level Kosovo is going through.

Economic crisis, lack of internal and external investments.

It is a kind of tendency to attract attention that we are endangered by war.

'You don't think about such things.'

I think that this also has negative consequences, because the fact that you are constantly mentioning in public that 'Kosovo is endangered by war', this has consequences for foreign investments that may come to Kosovo.

It also affects citizens who run to buy various things in markets.

And, this also affects the increase in prices.

Therefore, I think that the prime minister's discourse should be more careful when he talks about the issue of threats or war", said Demhasaj, for Telegrafin.

Political analyst Ilir Ibrahimi also commented on the statements of Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who told the Italian media on Monday that there is a risk of a new conflict between Kosovo and Serbia.

Through an article on Facebook, Ibrahimi said that Kosovo is not at risk from war, but from an economic crisis and an energy collapse.

Ilir Ibrahimi, political analyst

"Both of these require management and leadership and cannot be overcome with warmongering language," he said.

Ibrahimi mentioned Kurt's going to the "Sunny Hill" festival, for which he said that he does not understand the prime minister how he can do two actions that do not go together.

"I don't understand how the prime minister can declare on the same day that the country is threatened by war, and meanwhile in the evening go and dance at an international festival, which, in addition to Kosovar youth, has also brought visitors from all over the world." he expressed further.

He further emphasized that Kurti's statements may have a bad effect on the citizens as well as in the international arena.

"The Prime Minister's statements are taken seriously because it is assumed that he has first-hand information.

They have an effect on citizens but also on the international arena, both on visitors and investors".

"If there was any risk of war, KFOR would have made the first response to any mobilization.

We have not seen such a thing.

Then why are these statements made by the prime minister when it is known that they only have negative effects, especially when they are baseless", Ibrahimi declared.

Meanwhile, even on Monday there were reactions from the opposition against Kurti's statement.