The Kosovo Police Inspectorate has reacted to the Kosovo Police Union, which has accused it of arresting police officers without providing evidence.

In the press release, the IPK stated that Operation Point 1 and Point 2 is one of the most successful in the fight against corruption.

"All actions within this investigation were undertaken according to the instructions and in full coordination of the State Prosecutor's Office, including the arrests of each of them", the announcement states.

Further, the IPK has said that there is evidence for this case and the same has been submitted to the Special Prosecutor's Office, as provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure.

"However, we cannot present the evidence to the Police Union.

Most of the incriminating actions of the police officials suspected in this case are witnessed by voice and image.

It is the competence of the prosecutor to evaluate and further decide the continuation of the criminal proceedings for each of the suspects in this case".

"IPK, as provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure, has given them the opportunity and all the suspects in this case have been protected and are being protected by their lawyers according to the procedure", it continues.

The Police Inspectorate further stated that it was and is concerned about the level of corruption in the Police and announced that they will increase the intensity of the fight against this phenomenon.

"We strongly believe that the Kosovo Police also has this goal and supports the IPK as it has done so far in this important mission for the rule of law in the Republic of Kosovo.

Thanking all citizens for cooperation, IPK believes that strengthening police integrity is a common mission and should be supported by everyone", the communiqué concludes.