The President of the United States, Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Joseph Robin Biden) is an American politician. Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 in and his wife Jill Biden saw with their own eyes the damage from the deadly and devastating storms that led to the worst flooding in Kentucky history .

They visited the state to meet with families and first responders, the Associated Press reported.

At least 37 people died in the flood last month.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Bishear told Biden that authorities expect to add at least one more death to the death toll.

The US National Weather Service said Sunday that flooding remained a threat, warning of more thunderstorms through Thursday.

Biden said the state has a duty to help all its citizens and said the federal government will provide support until residents get back on their feet.

As the American president spoke, a one-story house could be seen behind him, which the storm had torn from the ground and pushed aside.

Upon their arrival in eastern Kentucky, Joe and Jill Biden were greeted by Governor Bishear and his wife.

They immediately drove to Breathitt County to survey the devastating effects of the storms, stopping along the way at the site where a school bus carried by the oncoming waters had crashed into a partially destroyed building.

Governor Bishear said the flooding was "unlike anything we've ever seen" in the state and credited the US president for quickly approving federal aid.

He also praised the rescuers for doing everything possible to deal with the situation. 

Attending a flood briefing with first responders and recovery specialists at Marie Roberts Elementary School in Lost Creek, Biden told a delegation of Kentucky leaders, that he will do whatever it takes to help.

15 bodies left in Kentucky floods

"I promise you, if it's legal we will do it," the American president said.

"And if it is not legal, we will find a way to change the law," he added, talking about ways to help the victims.

Biden stressed that politics had no place at such times, noting his frequent political clashes with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who is from Kentucky.

"We're constantly fighting on different issues, but when it comes to helping Kentuckians recover, we're all a team," Biden said.

Kentucky flood death toll rises

Biden's visit to Kentucky is his second since taking office last year.

He previously visited the state in December, when a tornado killed 77 people there and left a devastating wake.

Biden extended federal disaster aid to Kentucky, guaranteeing that the federal government will cover all costs for debris removal and other emergency measures, BTA adds.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has provided more than $3.1 million in aid and hundreds of rescuers have been dispatched to help, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre said.

"The flooding in Kentucky and extreme weather conditions across the country are yet another reminder of the intensifying and accelerating impacts of climate change and the urgent need to invest in increasing the ability of our municipalities to better withstand these changes," added Jean- Pierre.

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