Nitish Kumar reached Tejashwi Yadav's house for Iftar party


Tomorrow afternoon, Nitish Kumar will take oath as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the eighth time.

Once again, he has announced an alliance with his 2015 election ally to form the government.

Apart from Congress and RJD, there will be four smaller regional parties in this alliance.

Nitish Kumar told the press today that "this alliance will serve the people, it will fight corruption".

Nitish Kumar had accused Tejashwi Yadav of corruption.

But according to information received from sources, Nitish Kumar realized his mistake only a few days after the alliance broke up in 2017.

According to the information, Nitish Kumar had told Tejashwi's mother Rabri Devi at the Iftar party three years ago that "Sorry."

Sources say that within a few months of going back with the BJP, he was regretting his decision.

However, it is also discussed that this incident is being discussed to show the strong relationship between Nitish Kumar and Lalu family so that the MLAs can be kept with them.

For nearly 17 years, Nitish Kumar and the BJP were in alliance in Bihar and at the national level.

But before the 2014 general election, Nitish Kumar parted ways when the BJP made it clear that Narendra Modi would be its star leader.

He blamed the then Chief Minister of Gujarat for not taking adequate steps to stop the communal riots of 2002. At the time of his parting from the Grand Alliance in 2017, Nitish Kumar felt that his "good governance babu" or "good governance babu" or The image of "Man of Governance" will suffer.

At the same time, he hoped that he would get the benefit of the popularity of the Prime Minister in the state, but in the 2020 elections, the situation was reversed.

With the week before voting in the 2020 election, the wheels of the Coalition were beginning to come off.

Chirag Paswan, whose party was in alliance with the BJP at the Centre, had made it clear that he would act as a vote-cutting agent by pitting candidates against Nitish Kumar.

The BJP had refused to rein in Chirag Paswan when the Chief Minister got angry.

This was the reason why Nitish Kumar was reduced to only 43 out of the total 243 seats.

After the election, his party blamed the "chirag model" for the results.

Nitish Kumar's distrust of BJP increased after the recent incident in Maharashtra.

He saw the BJP topple the opposition government in Maharashtra.

Using a senior leader in Shiv Sena.

Nitish Kumar saw similarities in the whole matter that like Shinde, his former trusted aide RCP Singh was chosen by Amit Shah as the representative of JD(U) in the Union Cabinet.