"Wissanu" assures different contexts "Pa Prem" "Big Pom" Yam Big Tu still lives for another 2 years

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10 Aug 2022 05:20





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"Big Pom" is out of the mouth. "Big Tu" stays for another 2 years, the Democratic Party is ready to nominate as a candidate for another term of prime minister.

As for whether to be a candidate or not, the member slapped a pearl at the media, “Can you live or die first?”

Kuk shakes hands with the local area to see after the election “Big Tu” shuts her mouth for an 8-year term, “Wissanu” pointed out. Different contexts with "Pa Prem", clarified MPs to take measures

Walk-out is not wrong, "Chonnan" reveals that the opposition uses a channel to submit interpretations through "Chuan", "Sathit", pleads with the parliamentary way, "Ravee" to reveal the plan to hold the prime minister's chair.

The senator splits the quorum in half, has the right to capsize high. "Saranwut" reiterates the real plan "to fall down Tu Chu Pom", a secret deal for two dictatorships.

The issue of Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha's 8-year term as prime minister, Prime Minister still has to wait for a decision from the Constitutional Court, but Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Pracharat Party.

Accidentally slipped into a media interview

states that the prime minister is still here for another 2 years

"Uncle Tu" is pleased with the youth group

at 9:00 a.m. on August 9 at the Government House.

Before the cabinet meeting (Cabinet) Mr. Kosin Suebprasittiwong, President of the Marching Band Association of Thailand, led the faculty and students of the marching band at Boonwattana School, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, who received the first prize in the Indoor Marching Arts category from the World Marching Arts Competition. Thailand World Music Championships 2021 (TWMC), which will represent Thailand to perform at the international marching band 2022 in Moscow, Russia.

And the marching band of Prachamongkol School, Kanchanaburi Province, who won the first prize in the Marching Field Show-Open Class category and will represent the international marching band in South Korea to meet Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Defense, later Mr. Ittipol Khunpluem, Minister

Culture brought 40 Thai youths between the ages of 12-18 who grew up abroad, amounting to 40 people from 15 countries, to meet with the Prime Minister to publicize activities to promote the image of Thainess.

In the project for youth of Thai descent to return to the land of the year 2022

called "Wissanu-Chaiyawut-Suchart" to discuss

Later, at 12:30 p.m., Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha answered a short question about Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister as head of the Pracharat Party, saying that the prime minister will stay for another two years. Prayut shook his head, saying there was no answer before walking up to the Thai Khu Fah building.

Witsanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society, and Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin followed up.

Not long ago, Mr. Chaiwut

And Mr. Suchart walked back down.

Only Mr. Wissanu is still on the Thai Khu Fah building.

Mr. Witsanu said before walking up to the Thai Khu Fa building that at the cabinet meeting today, there was no talk about Gen Prayut's 8-year term.

Agenda "Du", different context "Pa Prem"

Earlier in the morning, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister

gave an interview before attending the cabinet meeting about the submission of the interpretation of Gen. Prayut's 8-year term that there are only 2 channels for this matter: 1 in 10 senators or senators join 1 in 10 According to Article 82 of the Constitution, another channel is to submit to the Election Commission (EC) under section 170. When asked if someone said they would file a complaint if the prime minister continued to work after the end of his 8-year term, Mr. Wisanu answered. that

can inform

But what's next?

because as long as there is no order to stop performing duties

The Prime Minister can do everything.

You can move civil servants, adjust the cabinet. When asked when Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, former prime minister

stepped down from power after 8 years and said that enough

How is it different from now?

Mr. Wissanu replied that

“Everyone is different.

The constitution was written differently. In the days of Gen. Prem, he was not forced to do anything.

He told me that was enough, son.” When asked if this word would be heard from the mouth of Gen.


Mr. Wissanu replied that

"I don't know, why did you ask me?"

MPs can't use walk-out measures

The reporter asked about the case.

MPs deliberately not attending parliamentary meetings

causing the quorum to fail, is it considered unethical?

Mr. Wissanu replied that

It's one of those council games that have always been used, such as walkouts or incomplete meetings.

It is not yet up to say that it is unethical.

because it was the council's weapon that would be used to oppose what he did not agree with.

like walking out

or sitting but not raising his hand

Therefore, in regard to the quorum, it would be a difficult ethical matter.

Even if it's reprehensible

"Pom" slips out of "du" for another 2 years

General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister

Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) leader mentioned the case of remarking the party.

PPRP raised as prime minister during this period that

Not everything is up to the Prime Minister, not complete 8 years, go on. When it's complete, it's said who will take it, not him. When asked if he is ready to be Prime Minister or not.

Gen Prawit replied that

“How am I going to be ready?

Haven't thought of it yet

The Prime Minister is still here for another 2 years.” When asked if it means the next time or not.

Gen. Prawit replied, "Oh, that's it." When asked if Gen. Prayut hadn't stumbled upon the issue for 8 years, will the Democratic Party nominate him as a candidate for the prime minister?

Gen Prawit replied that he had to make an offer.

depending on the member

Whatever you say

Not the only person, the party is the party, not the person, everyone joins together.

When asked to reiterate that stating that Gen. Prayut will stay for another 2 years, it interprets that he will stay until 2025. How will he know?

It is thought that if Gen. Prayut stays for another 2 years, then Gen. Prawit will become prime minister or not.

Gen Prawit turned around and replied:

“Will you live or die first?”

PPRC aims at MPs in the area that don't care about rules

When asked about the party news

The NACC will hold the draft for consideration.

The Act on Election of Members of the House of Representatives was not completed in time within the 180-day time frame. Gen. Prawit replied, "What would you do with it? It's a matter of party members, he said.

How to order him to go to the meeting, including what the senator can order him?

Gen Prawit replied that

The senator has no calls.

There is no line of Uncle Tu, Uncle Pom, because there is a nominating committee. How can there be a line? When asked how they look at the advantages of the election rules, divide 100 and divide 500, Gen Prawit replied that he doesn't know anything. main

Kuck shakes hands with the district to see after the election

When asked about the news flow to deal with that party, this party

Gen Prawit replied that

“Who am I going to deal with?

Going to other provinces every day, the media saw it.

Who am I going to deal with?

go home and sleep

get up early and go to work

working all day.”

There is news that the deal with the Pheu Thai Party

General Prawit cried out

“Wherever you go, you won't find anyone.

I haven't met anyone yet.

The media don't think for themselves.

The media thinks too.

Leave the reporters who think for themselves.” When asked if there was no way in the future

PPRC will shake hands with Pol. Gen. Prawit replied that

how to know

matter of the future

Did the media know?

Let the election results come out first and then talk about it. As for the case of Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth Temeiwes, the leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party

Submit a request to the Election Commission to dissolve 7 political parties, including major parties

who claim that there is a payment at the Royal Forest Foundation, how will they know?

Lieutenant Colonel Sereephisut said that

He shook his head, confirming that there was none.

Sammitr is still settled in the National Democratic Party.

Mr. Suriya Jungrungruangkit

Minister of Industry

Deputy Leader of the National Democratic Party, Sammitr Group, said that Gen. Prayut's 8-year term is believed to be passed.

according to the constitution

Mr. Suriya hurriedly replied, "I'm still here." Justice Minister Somsak Thepsutin, chairman of the strategy of the Democratic Party, Sammitr Group, spoke about the attitude of the Sam Mitr group still with the Phalang Pracharath Party or not when Election Act

The MPs can stay.

I said it was clear math.

Talking about it, they will criticize each other again. When asked whether it's done, it means using the formula for dividing by 100, so it stays with

NACC continues or not?

Mr. Somsak replied, “I don't talk about it. I don't talk about it.

Asking about this is a childish matter.” When asked if there was a chance to move the party?

Mr. Somsak replied that no, said that if the law is correct

can do political work in the name of the Pracharat power

"Advent" wakes the cabinet to protect the prime minister

Journalists reported from the Government House that at the end of the meeting of the Cabinet, Mr. Juti Krairiksh, Minister of Social Development

and human security

said at the meeting that he felt uneasy about the issue of Gen. Prayut's 8-year term.

to be completed on Aug. 24, including Aug. 18, the draft will be considered.

Annual Budget Expenditure Act 2023 in Agenda 3, do not view this matter as nonsense.

The prime minister has only been prime minister in this government for 3 years, but has repeated distorted words. He spoke only 10 people, but the cabinet has more than 30 people. We must share responsibility.

I want everyone to help each other speak.

While at one point, Mr. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health

Chairman of the Extraordinary Committee to consider the draft

The Act on Election of the House of Representatives said that the joint parliamentary meeting on August 10

would like all parties to attend to complete a quorum

If they agree that they will not continue.

Slowly taking any action so that the quorum is insufficient.

And there should be clarification for people to understand that they want to return to the original draft law and why. It is a better method than referring to the day of the village headman.

The opposition uses a channel through "Chuan".

On the same day, Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party

Discussing the progress of submitting a request to determine the 8-year term as Prime Minister of Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha that the opposition parties have agreed to jointly use the parliamentary channel according to Article 170 of the constitutional decree to check the prime minister's qualifications. the

will compile a list of MPs on behalf of the opposition party

Submitted to Mr. Chuan Leekpai, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

sent to the Constitutional Court for interpretation

Initially, the Secretary-General of the Pheu Thai Party should coordinate with the Secretariat of the House of Representatives.

Prepare to submit a letter to the President of the Council on August 17, this approach through the Council is the direct way that can be done.

The guidelines are submitted through

The Election Commission is another way to do so.

But the Joint Opposition Party's resolution does not adhere to that approach, but does not block the way if any member chooses to submit to the Election Commission.

The quorum of the meeting was dropped to look at the work site.

Somkid Chuakong, a Pheu Thai MP for Ubon Ratchathani, said the opposition had no problem signing the meeting.

The part of causing the quorum to collapse

The opposition is a minority, unable to determine anything.

It must be up to the majority of the sound.

But Pheu Thai Party insists on the original position to use the formula for dividing 100. We will have to wait and see in front of the event mainly.

Playing the game for the quorum to collapse is not about Pheu Thai.

because it is a minority

A quorum cannot be broken if the majority does not do so.

We do not deal with the Pracharat Party in this matter.

Still don't know how to talk

I want people to trust the parliamentary system

Stubborn to Thailand, falling off the edge of the world stage

Pichai Naripthaphan, Vice President of the Party Strategy

Department of Economic Affairs said that in the event of global volatility

General Prayut has to think, adapt quickly, knowledgable, smart and quick on various issues.

Don't be afraid to think, but keep the power.

Despite the intention of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) to draft a constitution that does not want anyone to be Prime Minister for more than 8 years, including General Prayut, the administration failed and still thinks of holding on to power.

The country is in decline

In the end, Thailand will have no place in the world.

The latest NIDA Poll said that 64.25% think Gen. Prayut should retire no later than Aug. 24, and 80.03% think that the three-year government should not play a role in forming the next government, so don't question people's feelings.

I would like to see an example of Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, former prime minister, although his economic performance and direction in those days were much better.

Still not resistant to the needs of the people.

"Satit" pleads to use the parliamentary way

Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health

Chairman of the Extraordinary Committee to consider the draft

The Act on Election of MPs said that if the committee didn't consider it in time for the 180-day period, it would have to go back to using the original formula, which is the formula divided by 100.

to make elections more transparent

If Parliament chooses so, it must respect the majority.

It depends on what each party will say, but Democrat Party MPs will attend the meeting.

When asked, it might be seen that politicians have broken the rules for themselves.

Mr. Satit replied that

is a right to be seen

As said from the beginning, if we look at each other frankly

no problem

Respect the resolutions of all parties

Because every resolution is responsible for the people.

"Niphon" said it was the duty of the House of Representatives

Niphon Boonyamanee, Deputy Minister of the Interior, Deputy Leader of the Democrat Party, said the claim that the August 10 parliamentary meeting was on the day of the village headman, caused many MPs to not attend the meeting. MPs perform their duties first.

find other opportunities to visit the village headman

is the direct duty of

MPs to meet

Visiting the village headman and village headman is a bond.

There is another opportunity

When asked if there was news that Anwar Sa and Pattani MPs would resign from the party

Niphon replied that he still did not know, but if Mr. Anwar actually resigned.

The party must be prepared for everything.

Flick "Baan Yai Phatthalung" to move the camp

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, leader of the Democrat Party

Addressing the case of Mr. Naraphat Kaewthong, deputy head of Democratic affairs in charge of the northern region, will resign from the list of MPs.

to become an assistant

Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives said

heard from Mr. Naraphat that he would return to work at the Ministry of Agriculture if he resigned from the list of MPs

must move up the next list

As for the news that Mr Chaiyot Jiramethakorn will resign from the list of MPs

to take the position of another political official

It depends on the reasons of each person.

must talk first

When asked if the Thamphet family in Phatthalung would move to the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party

Mr Jurin denied that there was no news. Naris Khamnurak, a Phatthalung MP, said he was talking to Ms Supatchari Thamphet, a former MP in Phatthalung.

"Ravee" unveils plans for the Prime Minister's chair

Dr. Rawee Maschamadol, the leader of the new Palang Dharma Party, said that if the quorum for the August 10 meeting of the National Assembly is not complete, the draft bill on elections

MPs were beaten

The President of the Parliament must answer social questions.

Most importantly, Mr. Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, President of the Senate.

Must answer clearly who received the order from or not.

Although unable to convene the National Assembly on August 9, there is still a mechanism to submit to the Constitutional Court.

Will definitely submit to diagnose this matter.

The reason for the flip is that there are rumors that it may be related to the decision of the Prime Minister's 8-year term. If Gen. Prayut has to retire under Article 158, paragraph 4 of the Constitution, the next prime minister should be Mr. Anutin Chan. Veerakul, the leader of the Pride Thai Party

who are listed in the prime minister's candidacy

But there will be a lobby movement to prevent Mr. Anutin from being prime minister.

Because voting for election requires 250 senators as well, then take the outside prime minister as a two-time favorite, probably Gen.

Prawit Wongsuwan, deputy prime minister, but is subject to a certain number of opposition votes.

Still can't believe it's true.

But the rumors clearly indicate that

There was a quarrel between two people. The people who followed the news probably knew who it was.

Who has enough influence

MPs and senators can return home.

Who has influence over the Pheu Thai Party?

So it needs to be divisible by 100 and exchange them.

Will have to keep an eye on each other.

"Saranwut" reiterates the plan "to fall down Tu Chu Pom"

On the other hand, Mr. Sarunwut Sarunket, Uttaradit MP

Pheu Chart Party said that if the parliamentary meeting on August 10 has a quorum problem

cause the quorum to collapse

It would answer the secret deal between the Palang Pracharath Party and the Pheu Thai Party for Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan to be prime minister after the election.

It's a secret deal between two dictators, one dictator of the parliament.

The other extreme is a dictatorship that uses tanks to seize power.

that has been mentioned throughout the process

"Falling Tu Chu Pom" finally happened, falling down Gen. Prayut to take

General Prawit as Prime Minister

These are all elements that there is a real secret deal. If the formula for dividing 100 is successful, the next prime minister is named

General Prawit?

Ask Thai people yet? When asked if there is clear evidence that there is a deal?

Mr. Saranwut replied that

Who will show this kind of evidence?

It is a structural division of the two brothers who said that Gen.

Prayut will be Prime Minister for another 2 years, persuading Nong Long to be enchanted.

But the truth is that the older brother wants the younger brother to go day and night.

Politics around them will work with

Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temeiwes, leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party

because the chemistry

"Khamnoon" raises the code of ethics to threaten

Mr. Khamnoon Sittisamarn, senator, said that this is a special situation.

Previously, abstaining from a quorum was one of the measures used by all parties.

But there has never been a time when it was accepted to be openly like this. If it is seen that the law is not correct, there are two other ways after the 3rd term: 1. The Election Commission must return its opinion to the National Assembly to decide again.

2. Before being presented to the King

can file a petition with the Constitutional Court

The way the law was not completed in 180 days, although it was the most effective way.

but should also weigh people's feelings

believes that if members of the Parliament have the intention of not attending the meeting

An ethical complaint will be filed for sure.

However, if submitting a leave letter, it is not considered an absence of the meeting.

Another senator mobilizes a quorum for the meeting

Wanlop Tangkananurak, senator, said he confirmed that all senators are ready to attend the parliament on August 10 and will definitely be more than 200 out of 250, but will a quorum be reached?

It depends on the variable which is 500 MPs. If only 1 out of 3 comes, a quorum is complete.

As for the news stream, there was a telephone hotline advising not to attend the meeting.

It's also released news.

The senator won't collapse.

Usually, absentees must leave the meeting in advance.

But if I miss a meeting once, I will go to blame.

But if the matter has to be brought to the Ethics Committee several times, the Senate senator has no right to run for the next election.

will not play games with anyone defect

Split in half with the right to crash high

Mr. Kittisak Ratanawaraha, senator, said that the senator's voice was split into two parties, both coming and not attending the parliament.

The proportions are close to 50-50, making it unlikely that the consideration will be completed in 180 days.

Both from Palang Pracharat Party, Pheu Thai Party and some senators, but not Gen Prawit's group, personally agree with the use of the 100 division formula because the 500 division formula is estimated to be unlikely to survive.

may eventually have to go out

The Election Commission sets out the rules for the elections.

will only increase the conflict.

This group of senators did not want conflicts in the future.

We have to let the law fall, we have to sympathize with the senators.

because he did something to be insulted

"Noo" rejects the criteria of the VHV. Cheer Phor.

Another story about Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health.

Pride Thai Party Leader

Discussing the current criticism, there is a recruitment of village health volunteers (Vol. MPs in the area

Emphasize that there are no criteria at all.

Why did the media post the news that their line was dropped, ordering them to go to the VHV's criteria? This just made the wrong headline. Normally, when the Minister of Public Health visits the area, the VHV will come to see him himself.

Let's convey what you want.

The Minister of Public Health did this. When asked, the Election Commission said it would monitor the matter.

Mr. Anutin replied that August 12 is a public holiday, it is impossible.

There is a royal ceremony to visit the area in Krabi and Phang Nga provinces to unveil the candidates for the House of Representatives. It is a normal mission, not related to the government.

Kor. Kor. Launching spearhead Ching.

MPs in Chiang Mai

The same day at 10:00 a.m. at the Academic Service Office meeting room.

Chiang Mai University (CMU) Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat

Kao Klai party leader Chaithawat Tulathon, party secretary

Join the event and join the discussion on the International Day of Indigenous Peoples.

to open a policy to improve ethnic quality of life

Open the stage to listen to the people of the northern ethnic groups. Then at 15.00 at the conference room of Phu Kham Chiang Mai Hotel.

Mr. Phitha and Mr. Chaithawat

Join the forum to give policy to the candidates.

MPs in Chiang Mai of the party's 9 districts from 11 districts, namely Miss Petcharat Maichompoo, enter district 1, Miss Karnik Chantala, enter district 2, Nattaphon Tovichakchaikul enters district at 3 hrs. S.Phuthita Khananan enters district 4, Mr. Somchit Kanthaya enters district 5 Ms. Oraphan Chantaruang enters district 6, Mr. Balan Utcharoen enters district 7, Mr. Pattarapong Leelaphat enters district 8 and Mr. Somkiat Meetham went to District 9, the rest waiting for the next launch

Royal Thai Navy hints at the use of Chinese submarines

Admiral Thaloengsak Sirisawat, Chief of Staff of the Royal Thai Navy (SET), Chairman of the Submarine Procurement Project Executive Committee

Discussing the conclusion after the due date that China still can not supply submarine engines to replace the MTU 396 of the Germans confirm that 1. The Navy did not cancel the submarine procurement project.

Because it is the national strategy of the Royal Thai Air Force. 2. Has not canceled the contract.

Still confirming the original contract, while Lt. Gen. Kamek Monthatpalin, a spokesman for the Royal Thai Air Force, said China had now sent more details about the updated CHD 620 engine specification to replace the MTU 396 two months ago. by the Royal Thai Navy, considering it together with the Navy Yard that it might be useful

Will know the result of the consideration on September 15, if the criteria are not met, the period will not be extended to the 3rd period, the contract must be cancelled.

If you consider it good

will let China send the device to test

If passed, there is no need to amend the contract.

When asked if it would conflict with the current contract or not, Lt. Gen.

Parent replied that this is what we need to find the answer to.

He is now deploying Chinese submarines.

and test use

How is it going to answer the question in the contract, confirming that the engine is not careless, it is the life of the troops.

dare not take risks

Must be considered the best. No orders.

"Don" does not guarantee "Putin" Maapec

At the Government House, Mr. Don Pramudwinai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Will join the APEC meeting hosted by Thailand at the end of this year or not, whether it has not been accepted or rejected.

must wait for confirmation