On August 8, the church honors the memory of St.

Emilian of Cyziche Confessor, confessor.


Myron, Ep.

Cretan, miracle worker.


Trendafil Zagorski.

Emilian was a bishop in the city of Cyzicus, during the time of the iconoclast emperor Leo the Armenian.

Because he did not want to obey the royal order to throw out holy icons from the churches, he was sent into exile together with other Orthodox bishops.

To the emperor's exhortations to condemn the veneration of icons, St. Emilian replied: "If this question is ecclesiastical, as you yourself say, then let it be investigated according to the custom of the Church! From ancient times, ecclesiastical questions are investigated in churches, not in royal palaces".

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. He spent five years in exile and endured many torments and humiliations for the sake of Christ.

Died as an exile in 820.

On August 8, name day is celebrated: Emilia, Emiliana, Emilian, Emil, Miron.

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