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Belarusians will put up fierce resistance if Minsk decides to involve the country in full-scale participation in Moscow's war in Ukraine, opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovska said, quoted by DPA.

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The movement of our supporters will sabotage this.

They will refuse to carry out the given orders or the Belarusian soldiers will surrender right now, Tsihanovska said in an interview with DPA two years after the contestation of elections in Belarus led to numerous protest demonstrations.

Russia probably counted on Belarus to be a strengthened position for an attack against Ukraine even at the time of the rigged elections that kept leader Alexander Lukashenko in power, Tikhanovska noted.

Lukashenko declared himself the winner of the August 2020 election, which unleashed unprecedented protests in Belarus.

The European Union and the United States refuse to recognize Lukashenka as the legitimately elected president, and many believe that it is Tikhanouska who is the real winner.

Biden had a telephone conversation with Tsihanovska

Mass demonstrations were quelled after a heavy crackdown on the pro-democracy opposition, human rights activists, trade unions and independent journalists.

"Lukashenko is a collaborationist. He involved Belarus in this war. In order to keep Russia in power, he will do everything he is told," believes the leader of the opposition.

Officially, Belarus does not participate in Russia's war in Ukraine.

However, shortly after the start of the invasion in February, Lukashenko admitted that Russian missiles had been fired from Belarusian territory towards Ukraine, BTA notes.

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Svetlana Tikhanovska