What military aid has been delivered to Ukraine remains a secret.

The Ministry of Defense reiterated today that the three decisions on the donation of military aid have not yet been declassified, writes Alsat.

A part of the media reported that it was about tanks and four "Sukhoi-25" planes, previously purchased directly from Kiev, but this information was not confirmed by the Ministry.

However, Mihailo Podoljak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in a post in Ukrainian thanked the country for the donated tanks and aircraft, without specifying whether they were airplanes or helicopters.

The relevant ministry says that the Government has so far taken several decisions on military-technical assistance to Ukraine to protect its territorial integrity, which is threatened by Russia's military intervention.

Military aid has been donated in some cases.

"With the decisions taken so far, the combat readiness of our Army is not broken.

The Ministry of Defense and the Army is in the process of reform and modernization, which envisages a dynamic supply of modern technical-technological equipment, in accordance with the strong priorities, for the realization of the relevant goals of NATO", say the Ministry of Defense.

Otherwise, on February 28, just a few days after the Russian invasion, the Government made a decision to donate military equipment and equipment to the armed forces of Ukraine, while the type of equipment will be in accordance with Kiev's needs.

After the information about the donation of tanks from Moscow, the act was evaluated as a "big mistake" while the local authorities said that "North Macedonia is a sovereign country that takes decisions individually, respecting international law"./Alsat/