Russian Olga "Kurs" Kachura, 52 years old, commander of one of the Russian brigades known for the fact that they were often praised for enjoying killing Ukrainians, was killed in a rocket attack in Donbas.

According to official information, she is the 97th senior military official and at the same time the second woman from the ranks of the Russian army, who lost her life during the fighting with the Ukrainians, Telegrafi reports.

Olga held the rank of lieutenant colonel when she was killed when a Ukrainian army missile hit her car while she was driving in the city of Horlivk in Ukraine's Donetsk region.

Her unit had fired on civilians in the Donbass region, and Kachura boasted in interviews that he enjoyed killing Ukrainians.

Ukrainian-born Kachura, who has been working for the Horlivk police in the Russian-controlled region since 2014.

In the Ukrainian war, she served in three motorized brigades known as Berkut and commanded the MLRS Grad division in Horlivk.

Under her command were 140 soldiers.

Ukrainian media reports that she often disguised herself as a member of the Ukrainian forces and committed crimes to discredit them, a Ukrainian military report said.

"Kachura is to blame for the shelling of the city of Donbas and the death of civilians," said Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazanski.

Otherwise, the Ukrainian court last year sentenced him to 12 years in prison, and confiscated his property due to his participation in terrorist groups and terrorist organizations.

Putin awarded Kachura the Heroine of Russia medal – the Kremlin's highest honor for bravery and heroism.

She was an honorary citizen of Gorlovka, and the mayor of the city, Ivan Prihodko, said after her death that Kachura was a brave and wise woman, who remained loyal to the DNR militia since its formation.

She was buried on July 13 in her hometown, Volgograd, this city in the southwest of Russia.