Police Barber Delivery

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9 Aug 2022 05:24





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The police are the police officers who have the role of enforcing the law in order to make society peaceful.

In the past, although the image of the police has been criticized in some negative ways.

But I believe that the Royal Thai Police has a few bad people who behave in a bad way.

But when it happens, it causes the organization to be disgraceful as well, similar to "a single rotten fish that stinks".

Maj. Ruangritdej Tanfu


Bobby Sword

, 50 years old, patrol at Pa Daet Guard Box.

Chiang Mai City Police Station

is one of the examples of the police

In addition to performing duties strictly

They also use their free time to provide free haircuts for villagers.

It is to help society without expecting anything in return.

Bobby said that

The main task of the mission is to watch over the guards to receive daily reports of incidents.

When I have free time, I want to do something useful.

I don't want to be alone

enough to have some knowledge of hair cutting

Therefore, we offer haircuts for children, the elderly and people with disabilities in the area.

Mostly during weekends and holidays.

Anyone who is not convenient to come to the guardhouse will go to cut it for free at home.

“Haircutting is a service to the people.

in line with the policy of the supervisors to help the villagers

proud to help others

I'm happy and happy with just a thank you.”

Mr Hideo Hayashi, an 88-year-old Japanese grandfather with hamstrings who called for Barber police services, said he was traveling.

Thailand many years ago

What do you like about Chiang Mai?

So I decided to stay here until my life was gone.

Originally, I had to sit in a wheelchair to cut my hair far away.

make a burden on caregivers

But after the police issued free haircuts for the elderly and the disabled, it was no longer difficult to travel back and forth.

I was impressed and thanked the kindness of the Thai police.

Damrong Chansongsi