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9 Aug 2022 05:55





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"99" is a paranormal number.

Tracing the history of Thai politics with the latest phenomenon that "activists" famous people like Mr. Chaiyan Chaiphon, academician, lecturer at the Department of Government, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University

Move "pressure" to "Big Tu". Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense must listen to the voices of 99 intellectuals and elites who have signed a request to resign from office.

Because he held the position for 8 years according to the conditions of the Constitution

By Mr. Chaiyan compared the case to "Pa Prem", Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, who was prime minister for 8 years to 1988, 99 academics named "Dika 99".

"Pa Prem" still listens and agrees to end the political role.

we are thinking

if a good leader

Should be able to live without an agenda, right?

The constitution stipulates that the Prime Minister is no more than 8 years old. How to interpret it is not as important as "uncle" defines himself.

Whispering softly, chasing each other softly but intensely with the status of "sage"

Of course, by the move of Mr. Chaiyan being assimilated as a force with 99 scholars, the intellectual elite who pushed him to

General Prayut

Open the taps by August 24, 8 years in office as prime minister.

Since the 2014 coup


Upgraded to a united front, the 3 year old military leader.

Let's joke with the preparations for a large gathering of Thammasat people on August 10, gathered at the Naga courtyard, Rangsit Center, to fight against the dictatorship.

Raise the level of the new masses to rise again

A big storm is forming, the resistance line "Big Tu" intercepts the power drag game for more than 8 years, expanding the band, elevating it to a mob, chasing the wifi, igniting quickly.

The external force is definitely there.

Processing procession mob

Wheels against internal shocks

The "Kick-Cut Leg" battle blocked the next path of

General Prayut

who open their faces to play clearly to the stage of "communing together" together to collapse the council, holding hands during the Pracharat camp

Hua Kham Kham with Pheu Thai Party

Staring at an abortion party list, the formula for dividing 500 to die for the whole caspa

according to the complex twitching phenomenon

stepping on each other's feet during

"Big Brother" and "Mr. Dubai Mall" have been coming together since the battle of no-confidence debate.

Games in the council never irritate the skin of "Uncle in the forest"

and with the power of

"Big Brother" who pushes the party list formula, divides 100, sends the ball into the square.

"Mr. Dubai Mall" raged in land slide tactics before "Big Tu" realized it. Use internal power plus miracles to turn back to use the 500 division formula party list.

But in the end, I had to defeat the "black magic" of "Uncle in the forest", blowing an abortion spell.

Conjure up a party list of 100 division recipes back in the way.

"Mr. Dubai Mall" according to the conditions of the situation that he saw ominous

opening the way

"Big Brother" as the leader

After the next election

under the government of Hua Kham

for Thailand to breed the power of the People's Republic

According to the game that can bet on the lottery in advance

The Democratic Party will nominate the prime minister on the party's list of two names: Gen. Prayut and "Big Pom". Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, deputy prime minister, party leader.

whereby the Pheu Thai Party will have the right to form a government

According to the status of the first party in the election

But the name of the prime minister's candidate should not pass through the security checkpoint.

Must use the Prime Minister's account

PP. And sure, the name of "Big Tu" will not pass the checkpoint.

"Mr. Dubai Mall" must use the second name, "Big Fort"

That's where the team

"Ste. Thai Building" has to order "Sia Tui" Mr. Peeraphan Salirathaviphak to go to "Ruam Thai Build the Nation" camp in reserve to collect allowances under the shop base.

“Together Thais Create Tu”

Because he knows in his heart that "big brother" is not fond of "little brother" as usual anymore.

The prime minister's position is tempting.

Who does not want to sit

And trace the power team 3 P. Clearly different by nature, power and benefits.

It is not strange if

"Dubai mall boss" will be confident "Chain comeback".

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