Know enough?

Lertwut Upanan

9 Aug 2022 5:16 a.m.





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The 8-year term of "Big Tu", General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, is clear, the opposition will petition the Constitutional Court for interpretation before the deadline.

Of course, "Nida Poll" went to survey people's opinions.

found that most wanted

"Gen. Prayut" came down from the tiger's back before August 24.

While opponents in the House of Representatives such as "Jae Jeab" Amarat Chokpamitkul, the party-list MPs, the Progressive Party has repeatedly hit the hot iron.

Tell "Big Tu" to have a conscience to remove yourself from being a problem.

with a loud alarm

"Gen. Prayut" is not too confident that he will easily break through the Constitutional Court checkpoint.

The best way is to know enough and stop being the big time bomb of the country.

and asked the Prime Minister

The mirror that was given during the cleaning battle in the council

Is it too small?

therefore do not see the truth

Because the power pipe has been connected for 8 years, it's more than enough!!!

Lertwut Upanan