From 2021, the Government has approved the Recovery Package to help expatriates.

At the border points in Kosovo, expats can apply for insurance policies, which are then reimbursed by the Government of Kosovo.

Compared to last year, applications have decreased, due to the fact that most of them choose travel alternatives and some of them do not apply for reimbursement.

Upon reaching the border points, compatriots can apply for insurance policies.

They are divided into many categories, but in the category of vehicles and bicycles, applications have decreased by about 2,000 sosh compared to last year.

Sami Mazreku, executive director of the Kosovo Insurance Bureau, tells about the number of applications in these categories.

"If we take the period from January 1 to July 31, there are 240,802 policies that were issued in the name of this category.

If we talk about the value of these 240,802 cars, they make 4.4 million euros, which can be subject to the reimbursement process at the Ministry of Finance", said Mazreku for RTK.

Within the framework of the Revival Package measure 4.5 approved by the Government in 2021, the support of Mergata aims to ease the barriers of Albanians living in the Diaspora.

In the interviews conducted by INDEP, some of the expatriates have different opinions about the issue of border insurance payments.

An expatriate thinks that this measure is not targeted and that the Government could use the means for another purpose.

There are also other forms of arrival of compatriots.

The data of the International Airport of Pristina show greater numbers of air travel.

This is the third year that the Government covers insurance policies from the budget of Kosovo.

In 2020 and 2021, the policy was taken for free at the border by compatriots, while this year, it has been decided for reimbursement.