In the Volyn region, a plan has been prepared for the evacuation of the civilian population in case of a military invasion by Belarus, the first deputy head of the regional military administration Siarhei Mavenka told Suspilna.

The details of the evacuation plan, says the deputy, are classified as "secret".

If necessary, evacuation plans will primarily affect the districts bordering Belarus: Kamin-Kashirskyi and Kovelskyi.

In particular, those settlements located directly on the border.

According to Mavenka, the heads of settlements and district military administrations know the evacuation routes and locations of transport to deliver people to a safe place.

In case of a large-scale offensive from the Belarusian side, there is a plan to evacuate the Volyn region.

On August 3, the plan to evacuate the population from the areas bordering Belarus in case of an attack was announced by the Rivne Regional Military Administration.

Evacuation points have been created in territorial communities, in particular.

First of all, people will be evacuated from the Sarnensky and Varashsky districts.

In the event of a threat, local residents will be promptly informed of the need to evacuate.

First of all, socially vulnerable people who do not have relatives, transport, are in special institutions.

In order to avoid traffic jams, they will organize processions accompanied by the police.

The civilian evacuation plan will be supplemented and clarified.