Nancy Pelosi, who is at the head of the US Congress, has stated today that China will not make the travel plan for the United States, alluding to her last visit to Taiwan that was part of the Asia tour.

"We will not allow the isolation of Taiwan.

They don't make our travel plan, the US-Taiwan partnership is very strong," added Pelosi, Telegraph reports.

She claims that China has tried to isolate Taiwan, and that her visit to Taipei was "in response to military exercises near this island".

"China has tried to isolate Taiwan.

"They may try to prevent Taiwan from participating in other countries, but not to isolate it, as we will prevent that," Pelosi said in Tokyo at the end of her visit to Asia.

The senior American official announced from the beginning of the visit that the American delegation in Taiwan does not intend to change the status quo in Asia or in Taiwan.

"My goal is to ensure peace in the Taiwan Strait," she said at the end.