There are no big expectations on the issue of talks from the August 18 meeting in Brussels.

This is what Valon Murati, former deputy and now chairman of the Movement for Unity, stated in the "Info Plus" show on RTK.

"The European Union, the special emissary for Kosovo, but also the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Borrell, of course, have expected this new situation with concern because the EU is concerned about any tension in the situation in Kosovo and the region and have made efforts to to react", said Murati.

According to him, this time there was also a reaction through the United States of America and now a date has been set for the meeting between Prime Minister Kurti and the president of the Serbian state.

"These often serve in diplomacy in these situations, to calm blood and buy time for both parties".

Murat further stated that he does not see a serious approach from either Serbia or Kosovo for the dialogue process.

"Basically, unfortunately, I do not see from Serbia, no, but not from our side, for a long time now, a serious approach in relation to the dialogue, in relation to what we want to get out of this important process for Kosovo", said Murati.

"It's not like I have any expectations.

The issue of the implementation of these reciprocity measures, which is part of the previous agreements, remains to be seen how it will be realized", he declared.

Speaking about the recent situation in the north of the country, Murat stated that the tense situations there, whether now or in the past, testify to one thing that the issue of the north of Kosovo is a serious political problem, which requires a careful approach to them solved.

However, he stated that the Movement for Unity has never considered that the issue of the north should be resolved either by military means or by police means.

"We consider it impossible to solve such a problem with these means, but this is solved through the implementation of reciprocity with Serbia", said Murati, adding that "not this reciprocity with license plates, but that political reciprocity".

Murat considers that the problem of the north of Kosovo is solved in Eastern Kosovo.

"So we must say it with strength, courage, vision at the negotiating table.

Let's not fall prey to technical talks that suit Serbia", he declared.

According to the head of the LB, one must have the courage to raise the basic political problems with Serbia, and not to act as has been done for a long time to talk about technical issues that drag the process.

"Let's add the problem of Albanians in Eastern Kosovo as a matter of reciprocity.

Otherwise, I see a problematic situation, a situation where if we do not have the courage to change the framework of the talks, we will have to enter into the implementation of the agreements that are being mentioned to us".