The Commission for Infectious Diseases informs that today it held a meeting in which it examined the situation with the pandemic in the country.

KSI informs that in the last week a slight increase in new cases with COVID-19 (8.5%) was observed, which is much less compared to the previous week (55%).

According to KSI, North Macedonia is in the phase of widespread transmission of the virus, but with adequate capacities for response.

"Under these conditions, the Commission does not recommend the establishment of new restrictive measures and appeals to citizens to behave conscientiously and respect the measures that are in force, ie.

mandatory wearing of protective masks in health facilities, pharmacies, in public transport and in family care facilities.

It is of particular importance that citizens who have symptoms or suspect they are COVID-positive, behave responsibly and protect the people around them by avoiding close contact with other people and staying in closed rooms without masks".

"The strong recommendation/appeal remains for all citizens, and especially for citizens who belong to risk groups for more severe progression of the disease, to adhere to all confirmed epidemiological measures to protect against infection, such as frequent washing and complete hand washing or disinfection, avoiding crowds and staying in closed and unventilated rooms and wearing protective masks, as well as respecting the recommendations for vaccination against Covid-19", says the KSI announcement./Telegrafi/