Aziz Alakbarli, chairman of "West Azerbaijan Community", interview to APA

- "Azerbaijan Refugees Society" Public Union became a non-profit organization under the name "West Azerbaijan Community". What was the need for the name change? What will be the priorities in the direction of further activities?

- The 44-day Patriotic War gave us an unparalleled Victory in the 270-year history of Azerbaijan.

This Victory revealed a reality that everyone in the region had to reckon with.

This reality made it necessary for the Azerbaijan Refugee Society, which has been operating for 34 years, to reconsider its activities.

Until today, the Azerbaijan Refugee Society mainly dealt with the problems of refugees expelled from their ancestral homeland in Western Azerbaijan in 1988-1991, today we have bigger goals - the deportation of Armenians and their patrons against our compatriots in the historical lands of Azerbaijan over the past 220 years. , genocide, ethnic cleansing, exposure of the policy of destruction of historical and cultural heritage and traces of Azerbaijan in these areas,

It is the task of conveying the truths of Western Azerbaijan to the world community.

Since the current name of the society does not contain this content, we considered it appropriate to replace its name with the name of the West Azerbaijan Community.

- What is the expected role of the organization in the reunification and formation of our compatriots displaced from Western Azerbaijan?

- The issue of Western Azerbaijan is a national issue, this geography is the historical lands of Azerbaijan to the last inch.

In this area, not only Iravan Khanate, but Karabakh Khanate represented by Western Zangezur, Nakhchivan Khanate represented by Darelayaz District, Ganja Khanate represented by Dilijan Valley and Shamshaddil Sultanate, and the mountainous part of Borchali are located.

In the 44-day Patriotic War, we united as a nation like an iron fist and won Victory with the iron will and determination shown by the Victorious Commander-in-Chief.

We must demonstrate the same national unity in the struggle for Western Azerbaijan.

- Will steps be taken to protect their rights in the international world?

What steps if possible?

- Honorable President Ilham Aliyev has a wise saying: international law is not power, power is international law.

But of course, we must bring the truths of West Azerbaijan to the international level.

We must expose Armenian lies and Armenian frauds to the end.

This includes the material and moral damage caused to our compatriots who were expelled from West Azerbaijan in 1988-1991.

- What works will be done in the study of the rich historical and cultural heritage created by the Azerbaijani people in the territory of current Armenia, most of which has been destroyed?

Do you think of collecting certain materials about the vandalism of those monuments and bringing these materials to the attention of the international community and organizations?

I know that you have extensive work in this direction.

- Our people have a very rich cultural and historical heritage in the territory of Western Azerbaijan - present Armenia.

This is not accidental, because our ancestors lived in this area for thousands of years.

One of the most important issues before us is to collect and present the materials related to our heritage.

We have no problem with bringing these materials to the attention of the international community and organizations, we have a large number of valuable compatriots in foreign countries, and we will mobilize them for this work.

- Will work be done in the direction of studying the folklore of our compatriots who once lived in Western Azerbaijan, the ancient place names and culture there and passing it on to future generations?

- All the values ​​of our people related to Western Azerbaijan will be studied, we must and will be able to own those values.

Until now, this work has been done in a largely unsystematic manner, but from now on it will be done in a systematic way.

- What work will the community do so that our compatriots who are originally from Western Azerbaijan can return to their ancestral lands?

What are your thoughts on this?

Is return and peaceful coexistence possible?

- We will definitely return to our historical homelands, ancestral homes.

This is our historical, moral and human right.

There is nothing illegal here, people want to return to their native homes and live in their own homes.

It cannot be forbidden to anyone.

As for what the Community will do in this way, of course, the Community will do everything possible in this way.

"Is return and peaceful coexistence possible?"

as for your question, why not in theory?

However, this is practically impossible with Armenians.

Because the historical experience shows that this psychologically sick society - Armenians are never able to live peacefully with their neighbors.