Azerbaijan Press Council published an obituary on the death of well-known journalist Araz Zeynalov.

According to APA, the obituary reads:

"Araz Zeynalov, one of the well-known figures of Azerbaijan's modern journalism, has died.

We offer our deepest condolences to the relatives and loved ones of the deceased.

Araz Hidayat oglu Zeynalov.

He was born on July 7, 1961 in the family of a journalist in Baku.

In 1983, he graduated from the journalism faculty of Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University).

A. Zeynalov lived a meaningful life.

What gave meaning to this life was his wholehearted commitment to the art of words and his constant appreciation of the importance of words.

He was remembered as a colleague who was able to bring arrogance and generosity to journalism.

A. Zeynalov was distinguished by his unique professional style in the newspapers "Azerbaijani zhvangari", "Panorama", "Kaspiy" where he worked, as well as on the "" website, and became an example and a standard for his young colleagues who started working in these media organizations.

He taught them the secrets of the profession on a practical level, taught them to appreciate the virtues of journalism and take into account its intricacies as a matter of pleasure.

The death of A. Zeynalov, who was an example of caring, bigotry, and sincerity for everyone who knew him, and remained a living school in thoughts, is a great loss for Azerbaijani journalism.

Once again, we offer our deepest condolences to the relatives, loved ones, friends, and countless colleagues of the deceased, and we share their sorrows and pains.

Rest in peace!"