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5 Aug 2022 5:45 a.m.





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Sweet dreams, broken dreams, alternately, under the shadow of 3 years that are still unclear about the power plan.

You have to look at each shot one by one.

Even the rules of the election

The latest in the parliamentary meeting to pass each section.

crawl like a turtle

Finally, the senator and senator who ran away.

cause the quorum of the Council to fail

unsettled law

Waiting for the next meeting

This queue is said to be because there is an order signal.

Allegedly delaying the consideration of the electoral law

MPs to enter the game

Completed the 180-day period to complete the consideration of the law on August 15

to turn the game back from the formula

The 500-dividing party-list MPs revert to the original formula for dividing 100 again.


Just by pumping the rules, they flipped back and forth several times.

Old military uncles often change their minds.

Calculate daily formulas to get into the power plan lock.

And the queue reversed the formula to divide by 100 again this time.

that should be tough again

besides small parties

I got a helper to change the game

Implied to reach a dream

It is also a signal that "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense must be equally watching.

Because before, the 500 division formula still blocks the dream land slide of "Tony Dubai" Thaksin Shinawatra, coming to this round if turning over again.

There must be a variable signal.

beyond the control of the leader

The important thing is the news that

This show is a handshake of 2 big parties, such as Palang Pracharat - Pheu Thai to coordinate the game together with Senator Bang Wing to consider the law to overturn.

The sound signal was sent from the big house, Pa Roi Ruea.

Shaking up the game of sharing power from "Big Tu", the accommodation after pulling out the eating line

In addition, the Pracharath-for-Thai power formula

In addition to agreeing on the formula for dividing 100, there has also been a trend in the previous news.

This is the government formula around the front. 2 big camps join hands.

Lonely, the old leader, no name "Big Tu" in the equation of power

Today, the Thai building team

Therefore, we have to hurry to ponder and solve the game again.

Because if you let it drag the game to the end

Of course, the backup plan to open a new political camp to support the leaders would be wrong because the formula for dividing 100 new parties - small camps is difficult to grow.

Called the rules, they had to fight many more shots.

The kind that began to have discussions together in front of the scene of the 3rd grade elders, calculating all lines, and checking all formulas.

Accidentally may have to find a strategy to drag it back to

"One card"

However, the rules are still tumultuous.

That made me confused as well. I couldn't get out of "Tony Dubai". I'll monkey.

Wheel according to the rules that have not been drained.

This minute, come back to have fun, the formula for dividing 100, comeback, pointing into the entrance to the square again.

At the height of confidence

notice not interested

No matter what rules for Thailand, there is a chance to hit the target of a landslide.

Read the way. Even though the old military government is good at carving bombs.

But the big landmine, the "Bore Uncle" current, is erupting and climbing to the extreme peak level.

Big Network Party

Pheu Thai has a handicap

wake up the big boss

Start collecting more enemies than adding friends.

In addition to suppressing the rebellion for Thailand

Open the strategy to chase the rat and hit the cobra.

The blue camp of Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister of Public Health.

and the leader of the Pride Thai Party

who came to suck the children of the camp

Youngbye, the same group that separated.

Both attack the network of "Goddess of Bangkok", Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, chairman of the Thai Sang Thai Party.

Speaks mockingly, cuts the price of the Future Thai Party's network

Called "Tony" ready to fight all over the country.

until forgetting the old lesson

When things go up, patch up around until they are overthrown by all powers.

Come this time, it starts to repeat the same pattern.

The people of distant lands had a fiery attitude.

On the other hand, to awaken all poles who are breaking the rules of playing power games must be stopped.

The resistance trend points to consolidate again.

political news team