The police officer with the initials IF in one of the rooms of the Main Center of Family Medicine in Podujevo allegedly sexually harassed the doctor by locking her in her office.

The director of the KKMF, Ymer Llugaliu, said that he cannot provide any information about the case as it is being dealt with by the judicial bodies, Klan Kosova reports.

In addition to opening a case for harassment, the police also decided to change the police officer's job.

From Podujeva he moved to the police station Center in Pristina.

The case that happened on July 22 is also being investigated by the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo.

"After these actions, the IPK forwarded an informative report to the prosecutor's office and according to the instructions from the prosecutor's office, in the absence of elements of a criminal offense, the same case will be processed in the Directorate for Internal Investigation of the Kosovo Police for further administrative investigation /disciplinary", said the IPK.

It is reported that the suspect worked for many years as a policeman in Podujevë.