Former diplomat Lulzim Peci, director of the KIPRED institute, said that Serbia is being discredited every day regarding its deconstructive position in the Balkans.

Through a note on Facebook, Peci has said that Kosovo has no choice but to play its cards wisely in relation to its northern neighbor.

"Kosovo just needs to play its cards well, with prudence and wisdom, as Serbia is being discredited and it is clearly seen what game together with Russia it is trying to play in the north of Kosovo".

Peci says that NATO's opposing reactions regarding Serbia's efforts to destabilize the situation in the north of Kosovo are already visible.

This is best reflected by NATO's reactions to Serbia's efforts to destabilize the situation in the north of the country, and this is a consequence of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

And Vucic, let me continue with his thanks to Russia and the appointment of Bozidar Djelic as deputy speaker of the Assembly of Serbia.

Now I just need to reconfirm this policy with the appointment of Dacic and Vulin in the government to show that "Matushka Rossiya" is its polar star, since two such stars do not exist.

"Now it remains to see what Borelli will say, after Sanchez stuck the knife in his back with his statement in Belgrade, and to see how much I will be able to protect Serbia", wrote Peci.

Otherwise, today after a telephone conversation that the Secretary General of NATO had with the Serbian president, the former warned Serbia that KFOR will act if there is an attempt to disrupt the situation in the north of

Kosovo./ Telegrafi/