Leidis Viamonte advanced with the twelfth best mark.

Photo: Monica Ramirez/Jit.

The Cuban Leidis Viamonte

occupied the twelfth place in the qualifying round of the hammer throw at the U-20 World Championships in Athletics

and won the last ticket in dispute heading to the final of the event.


the 58.99 of her second attempt were far from her personal best of 60.59

, the Creole will be in contention for the title after advancing among the eight women who did not reach the required height of 62 meters.

The rest of her competition was completed with shipments of less than 58.56 and 56.88.


the Italian Rachele Mori (64.83), the German Jada Julien (63.20), the Mexican Paola Bueno (63.14) and the Ecuadorian Nereida Santa Cruz (62.37)

managed to advance directly to the final.

On the contrary, the elimination of favorites such as the American Emily Fink (58.52) and the Czech Barbora Stejfova (58.55) stood out.