Three police officers will be punished according to the law after demanding a bribe from a resident of Skopje.

The case was immediately reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the resident of Skopje, who participated in the case.

"On 02.08.2022 at 18:12 at the Çair Police Station, the person with the initials BB (34 years old) from Skopje reported that around 14:45 on the road "Brigada Macedonian", with his car "Opel Zafira", in which he was with ZM, he was stopped by three policemen.

According to the complaint, they asked him for documents and after he told them that he did not have them, they informed him that he must pay a fine of 500 euros and that his vehicle will be confiscated and if he does not pay such a fine , must give them 50 euros in bribes.

As reported, he gave them 2,000 denars, after which they allowed him to go," says the announcement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

After taking the measures, it was established that it is a question of police officers of the Shuto Orizari Police Station, who were on duty, but were not in the places where they were assigned.

"The Department of Internal Control, Criminal Investigations and Professional Standards at the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been informed about the case, and after the clarification and complete documentation of the case, the corresponding report will be made", say the Ministry of Internal Affairs.