The German government today presented its plans for new measures against COVID-19 for the upcoming autumn and winter, in anticipation that the number of newly infected will increase again during the cold season, AP reported, quoted by BTA.

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Wearing masks on planes and on long-distance train and bus journeys will be mandatory from October to early April across Germany.

Mandatory wearing of masks and presentation of a negative coronavirus test will be required when visiting hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions with vulnerable populations.

Many other rules will be introduced individually by the 16 individual provinces depending on how serious the spread of the coronavirus is there.

These rules may include the wearing of masks on local public transportation, in schools for students in the fifth grade and up, and at public indoor events.

Some public facilities, such as schools, prisons and refugee centers, may also introduce regular testing again in case the number of new infections rises, Germany's health and justice ministers said in a joint statement.

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"Germany must be better prepared for the next pandemic winter than in previous years," Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (pictured) said, adding that the immunization campaign would start in the fall with new vaccines.

Justice Minister Marco Bushmann added that special efforts will be made to keep schools open.

"Children have the right to a school education and school activities that are as carefree as possible. That is why the closing of schools should not be allowed," Bushman said, adding that only individual provinces would be able to impose the obligation to wear masks in schools. , if this is necessary in order to continue to provide face-to-face classes.

The new rules must be approved by the government and parliament to come into force, but are expected to be passed.

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