We have selected for you some effective ways of maintaining strong vaginal muscles.

Kegel exercises

These exercises for the vaginal muscles are named after dr.

Arnold Kegel, who first recommended it as a practice for women and their vaginas.

Every woman can learn the exercises that are not noticed even when they do them in public, Telegrafi reports.

Learn the only and simple way, even while peeing.

To teach them to isolate the real muscles, try peeing while urinating to stop and hold them a few times before releasing them again.

When you perfect it, you can practice the exercises "in the dry".

For example, while sitting in front of the computer.

Try to tighten the muscles like you do when you stop urinating and lie down again.

Do this exercise ten to twenty times at least five times a day.

You can set the pace of the exercises yourself.

Variations of Kegel exercises

We have described the basic exercises of dr.

Kegels, while with them you can also devote yourself to different variations.

For example, you can slowly and gradually tighten the vaginal muscles, and when you reach the maximum possible tension, slowly begin to stretch them.

The other way is to keep the muscles tense for a few seconds.

Tighten the vaginal muscles, hold tight for at least five seconds and relax.

You can do Kegel exercises even when you are in public, while you are watching TV, during conversations with friends while drinking coffee, while you are sitting or a few minutes before going to sleep.

Erotic glasses

The purpose of erotic glasses is not only sexual excitement and stimulation.

Their purpose is to maintain the activity of the vaginal muscles.

Even this stimulation tool can help strengthen the muscles so that you can put the balls in the vagina and lie freely in bed.

Grab the strip with your fingers and gently rub it, while your vagina does not allow the balls to come out.

It can be said that it looks like a game of tug-of-war, only instead of contestants pulling the rope, only your vaginal muscles and your hand do the fighting.

With the erotic glasses you can walk freely around the apartment for a while.

If an orgasm surprises you during this exercise, it would not be bad.

Exercising the vagina during sex

Now that you've learned to tense and relax your vaginal muscles, you can have fun during sex too.

Your partner in the penis will investigate the pleasant erotic pressure, while you will enjoy his penis even more intensely.

The feeling of you blocking his way while he penetrates wildly will turn you on even more.

Vaginal muscle strengthening cream

Cosmetics have found a new way that requires less effort.

There are many creams on the market that promise a tight vagina and convince you that they are made only from natural plants.

However, for the use of cosmetic products consult your gynecologist and do not be deceived by cheap products because they can cause unpleasant consequences.