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In order for there to be no chaos in the energy sector in Bulgaria and in Europe, the war in Ukraine must stop, Russia must withdraw from Crimea and we must return everything to the old world in which we lived.

This is what former energy minister Miroslav Sevlievski told bTV.

Commenting on the energy crisis headquarters created today, he said: "This press conference seems to me a bit hasty.

The first 24 hours of the government, we held a press conference.

Indeed, the last few days there has been great hysteria on the topic that we can't do without Gazprom, we don't even say that we can't do without gas anymore, but we say that we can't do without Gazprom.

In this committee, having heard the composition, I do not see what DANS will do there.

If the intelligence was involved in this commission, I would have expected the intelligence to tell us where we could find gas."

Worrying news about gas was announced by the acting energy minister

According to him, the fact that there will be an auction for gas is good, but it is good that they immediately say at which point this gas should be delivered.