After Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan soil, the Chinese military continued preparations to conduct large-scale military exercises that are to take place in six locations around Taiwan territory.

After 21 Chinese military warplanes entered Taiwan's airspace yesterday, China continued to conduct military activities in the area under Taiwan's control.

According to data from Taiwan's Ministry of Defense, a total of 27 People's Republic of China fighter jets entered Taiwan's airspace on Wednesday, namely six J-11 jets, five J-16 jets and sixteen Su-30 jets.

#ROCArmedForces is resolved to uphold our sovereignty, freedom and democracy.

We are not eager for a fight, nor will we shy away from one.

— 國防部 Ministry of National Defense, ROC 🇹🇼 (@MoNDefense) August 3, 2022

All the military activities are taking place as part of the military exercises that Beijing announced yesterday, which should take place until Sunday.

In addition to the military response, Beijing announced that due to Pelosi's arrival in Taiwan, Taipei will also introduce a series of economic sanctions, including the import of agricultural products.

"China's customs services have suspended the import of lemons, oranges, and two types of fish," reports the Global Times.

On the occasion of Pelosi's visit and the tensions between Taiwan and China, the head of Chinese diplomacy, Wang Yi, also spoke out, saying that the US continues to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.


27 PLA aircraft (J-11*6, J-16*5 and SU-30*16) entered the surrounding area of ​​ROC on August 3, 2022. Please check our official website for more information: /m1gW2N4ZL7

— 國防部 Ministry of National Defense, ROC 🇹🇼 (@MoNDefense) August 3, 2022