An accident involving a heavy truck is making traffic difficult in the area of ​​the 95th kilometer of the "Trakia" highway in the direction of Burgas, said the spokesman of the ODMVR-Pazardzhik Miroslav Stoyanov, BTA reported.

It was established that the driver of a Volvo truck with a semi-trailer attached lost control and the vehicle crashed into the median guardrail separating the lanes of the highway.

"The driver was transported to BAL-Pazardzhik with suspicions of a fracture, but without danger to his life," explained Stoyanov.

Serious material damage was done to the guardrail and teams of the "Road Police" are regulating traffic in the area until the truck is removed from the scene of the accident.

Several crashes caused huge traffic jams on Trakia

The reasons for the accident are being clarified.