The new research of the Reuters agency has revealed that the Kremlin had long been organizing the war in Ukraine, where since last year it had sent secret agents, rescuers, who have infiltrated the Ukrainian state apparatus, in particular the Secret Service of Ukraine known as SBU.

According to the sources of this agency, one of these rescuers is Andri Naumov, who was arrested in Serbia in June of this year, Telegrafi reports.

In Ukraine, Naumov is under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation on suspicion of treason after he gave secrets about Chernobyl to foreign agencies.

Naumov was put in charge of COTIZ in 2018, the state-owned enterprise responsible for managing the assets of the radioactive zone around Chernobyl.

Serbia has arrested Andriy Naumov, former head of the security service of Ukraine in the Kherson region that is under Russian occupation now.

He left Ukraine in hours before the Russian invasion and was accused of treason.

He was arrested having over €600k, ~$125K and diamonds

— Iuliia Mendel (@IuliiaMendel) June 10, 2022

A large part of COTIZ's role was to promote "extreme tourism" in the exclusion zone, but the company had a role in maintaining the security of the zone.

Naumov later became head of the SBU's internal security unit, which investigates officers suspected of criminal activity.

Last year it was reported that an attempt to kill Naumov by other SBU officials was prevented.

He disappeared shortly before the war and then appeared in Serbia in June.

In the announcement of the Serbian police from June 8, it is said that the Ukrainian citizen identified as AN was arrested on the border with North Macedonia.

He had tried to pass through Serbia to North Macedonia.

During the raid of the BMW, nearly 125 thousand dollars and another 608 thousand dollars in cash, as well as two emeralds, were found with him.

The police had emphasized that what was found in his car "stems from criminal activity", and Naumov is still in prison in Serbia.

That it is about the former general of the Secret Service of Ukraine (SBU), the opinion learned from the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, during July 14.

At that time, in a press conference to the question of the REL journalist, he stated that "there is information" that Naumov was arrested, but he did not reveal more details.

After the arrest of Naumov, his lawyer Viktor Gostilac stated for REL that his client denied the accusations to the police.

A former SBU brigadier-general, Andriy Naumov, is also under investigation for possibly leaking information about the security set-up at Chornobyl to a foreign state.

He was recently detained in Serbia in a BMW full of cash and emeralds.

— Mari Saito (@saitomri) July 29, 2022

What does Serbia accuse him of?

Andri Naumov in Serbia is accused of money laundering, which is a criminal offense and investigations are currently underway against him.

"The legal term for the investigations is six months, as long as he can stay in detention", says the response of the Serbian court sent to REL.

On the other hand, Ukraine is considering the possibility of turning to the Serbian authorities regarding Andriy Naumov, the former senior official of the Ukrainian intelligence, who is in custody in Serbia.

This has been confirmed for Radio Free Europe by the office of the chief prosecutor of Ukraine.

"Competent authorities in Ukraine are currently considering the possibility of turning to the competent authorities of Serbia with a request for legal assistance regarding the provision of the necessary information and a copy of the documents," the Serbian court said, among other things.