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Bengaluru :

Was the killing of a man named Fazil in Mangaluru on July 28 an act of revenge for the murder of BJP Yuva Morcha leader Pravin Netaru?

The statement of the Commissioner of Police of Mangalore indicates something similar.

At present, the police have arrested 7 accused.

They are accused of killing 23-year-old Fazil.

According to the police commissioner, the night when BJP youth leader Praveen was killed, it was decided that by the 28th, someone has to be killed in return.

Suhas and Abhishek, two of these seven accused, had a long talk about this on the night of July 26.

According to the information, on the night of July 26, there was a long talk between Suhas Shetty and Abhishek on the phone.

Both decided that by the 28th, someone has to be killed.

The next morning both of them met in a hotel on the outskirts of Suratkal." Suhas and Abhishek were accompanied by the rest of the accused, except Ajit Krasta, all the remaining accused are facing many criminal cases. Not only this, on the 28th these accused One of them had a court appearance. The one who had the appearance went to the court and the rest outside the court started deciding who to kill. The name was decided by Fazil. 

The people who were seen killing Fazil in the CCTV footage of the incident, according to the police, are Suhas, Mohan and Abhishek.

Giridhar was on the driving seat, the other two accused were sitting inside the car.

It is also being told that most of the 7 accused arrested are related to a right-wing Hindu organization.

The name of this organization has not been disclosed by the police.

Police Commissioner Mangalore, Shashi Kumar said, "Our motive is very clear that the focus is to keep the accused and the victim. We are still investigating who is associated with which organization. Can't say anything about this at the moment. "

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