The era of "raising children" with "mobile phones", good results "monstrous", bad effects "infinite"?


3 Aug. 2022 5:33 a.m.





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Yesterday I wrote about going on a tour.

Many "modern museums" are located on Khlong 5 Road, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani.

with admiration for museums

And finally, I want to see Thai children of all groups.

including the children of the poor had the opportunity to visit thoroughly

Today I will continue to write.

Although not much about the museum.

But the idea that I wanted to write this story came from the museum tour this time.

Because during the time I was sitting alone in the chair that he had set up for a while.

Suddenly heard many parents and children who are real Thai people.

speak to each other in English

All questions were answered and explained in English.

reminded that

Today's new generation of Thai children should have a large percentage that their parents left with them.

mobile phone

until the mobile phone almost became the second parent of the child

The "good result" that is clearly seen first is the children of this generation of mobile phones.

Speak English fluently

and the accent is almost a hundred percent western

Because youngsters have the opportunity to watch various English cartoons through YouTube since childhood.

Both the lingo and accents of the children's English speaking were imitated from YouTube.

As we have heard that a child in Isaan speaks English like an English child in the middle of a real rice field.

But later came to explain that because Grandfather and Grandmother didn't have time to raise

So let the kid stay with the mobile phone...or let the cell phone be the babysitter.

It appears that the youngster only opened and watched foreign cartoons to make a sound.

The accent speaks out as a foreigner without Isaan inclusions at all.

This phenomenon also occurs in households of Thai children across the country.

Because the new parents all leave their mobile phones to raise almost all.

This allows the new generation of children to learn English from cartoons with both accents.

got both jargon

as already mentioned

When parents play with

is to use the method of speaking in English with the children from the simple to the difficult

The children became more and more enthusiastic.

causing the English language to become different

Thus, a picture of a Thai family was born to speak to their children in English.

that I heard from many families at the Science Museum two days ago.

I heard and smiled.

Because children can pronounce very well because "Peppa Pig" English cartoon Peppa Pig helps bend the tongue... while parents

Even though they can use English fluently and study high

but learned in the pre-mobile era

There is a Thai teacher who is an English they have a Thai accent when negotiating with their children.

So I heard the English accent, Thai and English exactly, interacting back and forth.

almost every family

(Except for families whose parents went to study abroad since they were young)

Asked if such a phenomenon

Will it be good for the future of Thai children or not?

would probably answer that it was a good result.

Because in the future, Thai people will speak English better and more precisely, unlike the Thai people of my generation.

But the tongue is still hard, some English words are not pronounced correctly.

And what's more likely to be beneficial is that in this case parents will be involved, for example asking and answering in English.

cause love, bonding, intimacy between families to increase

but accidentally on a mobile phone

which is a bridge for all the "media", there will be a flood of stories, both good and bad.

Parents who leave their mobile phones with their children.

There would be no time to talk about everything.

So the children went to look for themselves.

fortunately found good things

Unfortunately, something bad happened.

It has become a big problem in Thai society today.

but how to do it

because if you don't let your kids play with your mobile phone

The children will be outdated and will be outdated to the point that they are almost unable to make a living in the future.

Giving a mobile phone to be the second parent or teacher is necessary, but must be supervised from a distance.

and stand as a shield

Including waiting to clarify some things that are correct in parallel

Try to make it sound like you're speaking English with your fluent children.

will get both love

Warmth and safety go hand in hand as I would say.

In today's world, there is no way to avoid the "mobile phone" phone, but how can we find a way to use this "object" with "Khun Anan" and this "deadly penalty" to do more good than bad? ?